Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Turn, turn, turn...

Somewhere between now and New Year's Day, i became another year older. Master and i had hoped that we'd find a little time and we'd be able to sneak in a birthday spanking, but alas, it has been postponed.
All of us turned up sick.
But we nibbled on cinnamon rolls, drank green tea, consumed cough drops, caved and used over-the-counter medicines to make the coughing and the aching stop, slurped home-made chicken noodle soup (with spinach!) while whittling away time by playing video games together. Switching between a multi-player we swore we'd never buy (Minecraft for the Xbox 360) and trading the controller as we played/cheated through some of Grand Theft Auto IV (stealing virtual cars amuses me).
It wasn't the birthday i'd dreamed of, nor the birthday Master hoped i'd have...
But i loved it...because i was with him, and we laughed together.
The real present (that delayed spanking), well...it'll come.

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