Monday, December 15, 2014

Fifteenth Anniversary!

It is our Anniversary today! Not our wedding anniversary, or our first date anniversary. But the anniversary of creature's enslavement. Fifteen years ago today I gave myself the greatest early Christmas present ever and collared this sexy little slut.

My creature has been my slave longer than she has been my wife, having celebrated our 14th anniversary this passed September. And I am happy to say that at this point, she has been my collared slave for over half of her life. My rule, my word, and my will has governed her life, her every decision for the entirety of her adult life. It is a monumental thing to consider, being property for more than half your life. Brings a warmth to my cold heart.

Though I am very excited by reaching this milestone, our celebration will be far less grandiose than I would like. I had discussed doing a more professional styled photo shoot for the both of us, but timing is against us at the moment. With Christmas expenses, I have not the funding for even a fraction of the fun items I would love to use on my beast. The kiddos have a cold and their care is wearing both of us down a bit, meaning that our wild sex orgy will have to be put on hold. But such is the nature of life, and just because we cannot go wild, doesn't mean that we will let this day pass without enjoying each other in what ways we can. Nor that I am without a present to drive her wild. We did replace our long dead personal massager with a new Magic Wand with variable speed control knob. And after a quick test run, I can guarantee I will be making her move with this one! 

Here is to another wonderful and happy 15 years of Ownership!...

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