Monday, December 15, 2014


It would seem I have two real modes of writing on this blog. Not writing because nothing is really going on, and not writing because there is so much going on that I don't have a moment to spare. Either way, I feel as if I cheat you, dear readers, of the updates of our adventures. So, by way of an early Christmas present, and by ways of an apology, I offer this post.

It has been a fantastic ride recently. With the addition of my dear willinglittlepet to our lives, things have rather fallen into a comfortable norm for me. I expect that both of my slaves text me with their daily movements, and additionally I expect a good morning and goodnight text each day from pet. I have to say, she has taken to it rather well and I enjoy looking through the messages on my lunch and breaks at work. 

Personal visits have been a treat too. I imagined, what with all we respectively have going on, that our visits and play sessions would be limited to one, maybe two, a month. However, we have been able to make pretty regular visits, both play and just hanging out with the family, this whole time. I believe that the longest lull was about two and a half or three weeks long. Most importantly, it is a very comfortable situation, not straining one party or another to maintain. With the holiday fast approaching, schedules are beginning to look pretty tight. So, with that in mind, we adjusted our plans a touch and I visited pet this past weekend for our second overnight stay at her place. No kids, few distractions, no roommate this time either. 

I should mention that this was the third time I had been to the pet's home. The first was just a day trip visit to make up for being ill during our planned get together at my home. The next visit was my first over night stay and, if you follow my Fetlife videos and pictures, that was the visit where I bagged the pet while bound down to the bed and did the bound throat fucking session. Hot stuff, trust me. During that visit, I also had the chance to meet the pet's roommate and her boyfriend. Nice people, and at that point, completely unaware what we were up to. 

 This visit, I subjected the slave pet to her first electricity torture session using the tens unit. An intense session that had her legitimately screaming. So much fun. I also started the evening off by reintroducing her to my flogger and Dragon Tail whip. The pet had met them previously when I took her to the Sanctuary for the Gateway play party. Oh what a fun night that was.

Yes, yes. Fun times are being had. The relationship between creature and pet has been a good one as well. They get along really well, play together (during the two times we managed to have everyone together) like a couple of horny little dogs, and share many interests in common. There is always the concern that the only connection two slaves may find is the pleasure of serving their shared Owner, with not much more than that to bind them together. This, thankfully, has not been the case for my slaves. During one of pet's overnight stays in the middle of the week, the next morning pet remained behind after I went to work to help creature clean up a bit and get the kiddo off to school. From their individual reports, this was a very nice, comfortable morning experience. And one that I intend to repeat on a semi-regular basis. 

creature, having been the lone slave for so long, is a bit territorial when it comes to cleaning and cooking duties. It has been amusing for me to watch her rush about to clean up before the pet arrives. And all the pet wants to do is to be put to work, be it cleaning or fucking, she is a born service animal. It will be fun to play with this dynamic as time goes on. Possibly binding creature in a hogtie while I put the pet to work cleaning as creature watches helplessly. Mmm, sorry, I digress. 

But yes, it has been a fantastic stretch thus far and I hope for better and better as we go. We just need to get passed this holiday and cold season with all those here and there birthdays. And to you, dear reader, I wish a very happy holiday indeed!...

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