Saturday, June 14, 2008

Time Keeps on Slippin'...

Well now, it has been a while since I posted last. Thus is the nature of my communicative self. I never seem to call anyone nor visit anyone unless made to. Not that I don't have plenty to say, just I seem to prefer a "captive" audience;) Enough with that though.

So things have continued much as they always have; life is nothing if not cyclic. My pet and I have found some time to play recently but much to my chagrin it is no where near where it used to be.

Gone seem the days of seven hour planned sessions that move much like a scripted adventure game utilizing every torture and torment device one can lay their hands upon while moving through one centralized and all important theme. For example, the newly acquired slave girl who has to be broken through the crucible of torments to become a "good girl", or the slave who has serious need of being reigned in and brought back to her place before she gets into real trouble, or any number of terribly wondrous delights. Especially the chance to seriously drive my slave so deep into sub space that her limits can be pushed or even shattered. How I long to have a water play session with her involving hooded dunking! Ohhhhhhhh.

Yet, we have been trying to make the best of O/our time. The other night I experimented in a little asymmetrical bondage (symmetry is a huge thing with me) that turned out to be a hugely successful and enjoyable session, despite its short duration. A week or so before that I involved my slave in a massive head fuck session in which I combined story telling aspects with physical cues and sensations while binding her in a helpless and near total sensory deprived position. she could not see nor touch nor speak (and as a result, taste); she could only hear what I was saying and feel what I wanted her to.

The story went something like this; I took my slave out for the night and brought her back home, bound and blindfolded in the back of the car. she is taken down to the dungeon and is bound to some piece of furniture holding her immobile. I then whip her with my crop and subject her to a number of torments, some only described and others reinforced by real life actions. The best part is when a mythic second slave, who received some random name I neglected to remember, is placed between her legs, invading her with a strap-on in the story while in reality I am the one penetrating my slave (It gets confusing just writing it, but that is why it is a mind fuck). This second slave, is bound and is being taken from behind by me in the story. My slave, who is gagged, must beg this second slave for the chance to cum. (In a later posting I'll explain how my slave can cum when ordered). Here's the trick, she is begging me in reality and though I give her permission, I am doing it from the point of view of the second slave. This messed her up and as I hoped she was unable to cum because it was not her Master who had given her permission. Talk about a mind fuck;)

That night my slave was so hyped up and horny that I was able to whip her throughly with my crop all over her ribs, tits, stomach, and inner thighs and with greater impacts then are normally within the realm of her pain threshold. It was a particularly successful night and one of O/our more lengthy play sessions, having lasted something like two to three hours, putting me way behind in my sleep for the next day but proving completely worth it.

Other of O/our play sessions have been somewhat less dramatic but no less enjoyable. I have a thing for chains and I had the occasion to run heavy chains between my slave's collar and cuffs. The chains all together must have added twenty some odd pounds to my girl and she was reluctant to stand straight. I gave her little choice in the matter and the situation quickly became an impromptu lesson on giving everything she had to obey my orders. The sex was quite nice after that.

Just the other night I bound up my sex slave with a spreader bar behind her neck with her hands tied out to the sides. Then I tied her legs together at the ankles and pulled them up to wrap the rope around the backside of her neck. Thus her legs pull her head forward against
the rope of the spreader bar, choking her. I then took her like this, my bound little ball, struggling for breath and squirming to be fucked harder. she soon passed out, overwhelmed by the pressure and pleasure. I delighted in taking my pleasure from her unconscious body, what a treat.

So despite the lack of time to play these days, W/we still manage to get some time together. Torture and torment have taken an almost rushed or hurried feel recently, but I like to think I can weather it. Now to make time to write about to all of you...

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jenpet said...

i did not pass out. :P
i was short of breath, and it was very, very sexy, but i did not pass out.