Thursday, January 12, 2012

The show begins...

Over the semester break, Master and i have had lots of things to do. Lots. We looked at the list and thought "four weeks should be long enough." We definitely got pretty close. Especially since we managed to score two nights of kid-free time. Even more awesome, it's been two nights in a row. 48+ hours of kid free time, during which, i've been kept naked, as pleases Master, and frequently bound, frequently taken and tortured.


We started off the kid-free time easy, seeing a movie Master and i wanted to see, during which Master infrequently threatened me with the thumb cuffs He was keeping in his pocket. When He wasn't threatening me, He had a firm grip on both my hands and frequently squeezed them in excitement and glee. As we left the theatre and began the trek home, Master slipped the handcuffs out of the center console and slapped them on my wrists, nicely pulling my sweater down to cover them, after which He also added the thumb cuffs. We laughed, i whined about the thumb cuffs, and Master laughed at me. He received some texts from a friend, and while He drove, i read them, and replied through dictation. It was pretty awesome. Then i discovered i could pop my right thumb out of the thumb cuffs. After a bit of joking, i slipped my thumb back in them so Master could snap a quick picture, and then the meanie reached over and squished the cuff down. By the time we arrived home, my thumbs were a bit purple. Master and i planned to play all night - after all, He's been staying up to play Skyrim until 5 am or so - there was no reason we couldn't play until at least that time.

Master graciously allowed me a shower while He rearranged some furniture to make the most of the mid-week "vacation" and when i emerged, wet, slippery and smooth, He said socks were the only clothes i could have - so i put on one of the warmest pairs i have - men's work socks (don't make fun - they are warm and they, too, make me feel small). While we watched one of our favorite TV shows, Master wrapped the rope we'd gotten at 2011 Thunder in the Mountains around me, and i actually was really able to sink into the bondage. Since i've been working on my flexibility, Master got my arms bound behind me in the same position as a monoglove. It was hot, hurt just a little, and i was already feeling small and submissive. With a second chunk of rope, Master bound my feet up and tied them to my hands, creating a deliciously tight hogtie. While i was bound, He teased me with our Lelo toy, GiGi, before allowing me to cum.

When He was done teasing me, He untied my feet and threw the Liberator Flip Ramp i'd won from Eden Fantasies next to my head. That was a deliciously scary sound, because i wasn't able to see what He was doing where i was. Master then ever so kindly (not) picked me up by the chest harness that was binding my arms and threw me on top of the flip ramp so He could fuck me. i was feeling deliciously small and objectified.

Master sent me off to the shower again to clean up (i stupidly have an allergic reaction and swelling after sex, with or without lube, these days), and allowed me to warm up, naked, under blankets, bound at His feet.

It wasn't even nine in the evening yet, and the show was just getting started.

After He'd fapped about in Skyrim for a while, once I was warmish again, Master took us upstairs, where we'd thought to try using some heavy duty cuffs and dangling me over the stairs. Unfortunately, it didn't quite work out as intended, but Master wasn't discouraged. Instead, He bound me, kneeling, to the rails of the stairway. i tried to keep my calm, but that side of the finished attic has a wall, very, very close to the stairs. While it makes a fantastic walkway, i found that i was deeply disturbed and frightened by the closeness of the wall. Master gently poked fun of my fear, because it's something that we both get off on - Him openly and me secretly. While He soothed me and made fun of my fear, and its ridiculousness, He slipped the GiGi back against my cunt, which delighted Him with the slippery sound of my arousal. As He pointed out that i was aroused by the fear, i was humiliated. i wondered how much smaller, submissive and objectified He could make me feel over the course of the night.

He took me off the railing and fucked me again, making me feel smaller and more objectified as He talked about the next scene He had planned for the evening. He was loving it, my fear, my arousal, my moans and cries...

Another shower to prevent an allergic reaction, another round of warming up under blankets at His feet, and the threat of being shocked if i started to fall asleep...

And Master took me back upstairs, directed me into the dog cage that is used only for me. Near the cage were dowel rods. i knew what i was crawling into. Master was going to use the dowel rods to contort my body in the small space, making me absolutely immobile. Head down, ass up, Master inserted dowel rods through the cage bars to press my body into the shape and position He wanted it in. It hurt, and i felt very small, very afraid, and very turned on. i hate muscle cramps, but love the slow building pain of tired muscles as they strain in unnatural positions, and this is exactly what the cage, with the supplementary dowel rods, did to my body. i have absolutely no idea how long i was in there. It felt like hours. i twitched and pushed against the torture Master was inflicting, crying to be let out, while wondering how long i really could last.

i was already tired. i was ready to sleep. But Master wasn't done, just yet. He let me out, a long, whimpering process for me, to fuck me again.

Another shower. Allowed to warm up at His feet again. Before He fucked me again.

He made fun of our grand plans. "I can stay up until five to play Skyrim, but I'm wiped out by three when I'm torturing you. I'm getting old."

He chained me in His bed, and we slept. Him undisturbed, content to have His property chained to His bed. me, restlessly as i rubbed against the chain repeatedly, tried to work out the soreness in my muscles and body from the glorious tortures of the day... With the movie, scenes and sex spaced by Skyrim, followed by sleep, our first 21 hours were gone... But the fun started again at nine in the morning.

Another post will follow, detailing the next 27 hours...soon. Pictures - and maybe video - should be going up on Master's FetLife profile soon as well.

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