Thursday, April 18, 2013

Time flies...

So we fail at blogging for March.

But then, there's been this interesting thought surfing the kink blogs lately (over at Kaya's blog, Morningstar's too and probably a few others) about how relationships change and simmer down to become something greater... And that's beautiful.

Right now, we aren't boiling. Reaper and i, this month, will have been "together," as they say, for 15 years. We compliment each other's strengths, we are each other's solidity. We know each other (likely He knows me better than i know Him, because that's just His way). Despite those years, though, and seven years of newlywed kinksters continual indulgence of playing whenever the mood struck, we still crave the heat. We aren't done with our intense scenes. We aren't. i look into Master-Reaper's eyes and see the desire burning away, barely held in check by everything else that life is composed of. i feel it burning in my own heart. And every moment that we can steal away from everything else, where we can indulge the Sadist and His masochist, we will...even knowing that it only fans the flames. We'll be ready for the heat when we get back to boiling. We'll welcome it.

We just keep shifting between "low" and "high" temperature burners. Our little miracles are bringing beautiful, challenging chaos into our lives. And we may look fairly average, but that doesn't mean i don't love the thrill of fear from the sound of the tazer that i can't see clutched in His hand. Mistaking Master-Reaper for average? Not sure how they do -- that predatory gaze is always such an undercurrent in His eyes.

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