Thursday, July 10, 2008

Graphoerotica and U/us

The concept of writing witty and sexual things on a slave like a billboard advertising campaign is something we have all probably seen a lot. How many of us have actually done it? What is the right medium? I am sure that many people have thought about it and maybe even tried it.

One of the concerns that I have been saddled with in the past has been what to use to write on my fleshy canvas. I have seen lipstick used pretty readily with varying degrees of success, however, I am not a fan of lipstick as it transfers too readily. You also want something that is going to show well, either on camera or maybe in the low light of a club setting.

I have had the misfortune to convince myself that ketchup would be a good medium as it would show well on this particularly dim camera W/we once had. Don't do that!:) For those of you who are now laughing at this, I admit I deserve it in this instance. The vinegar in the ketchup stings the flesh and is not the best writing medium; now if what your looking for is sensation play that will get the slave squirming, then you might want to consider it.

Perhaps the best and most interesting medium would be henna. A flesh stain that is permanent and takes sometimes months for it to dissipate as the stained skin cells need to flake off. Henna now comes in a variety of colors, as I understand, and can be found in most art stores like Hobby Lobby.

W/we have, when testing out the appearance of the symbol that will soon be my slave's mark of ownership upon her leg, used dry erase markers because they are not toxic, nor are they particularly permanent. However, they are dry erase so they transfer too easily.

Now, last night, my slave and I retired to the bedroom with the notion of attempting some body art using Sharpie markers and some gel pens. Sharpie state themselves to be non toxic, but the idea of permanent markers still makes me a little wary. So, I lay my slave out on the bed, and after some testing with a thin dowel rod as a potential cane, W/we settled into try it out.

I bound my slave with her wrists bound to her shoulders and her elbows bound in tight to her sides. Her knees and ankles bound together with a vibrator stuck between her bound thighs. Then I broke out the tens and wired her up. Now, it is always fun to wire a slave up with things that are going to make her wiggle and writhe, then order her to stay still lest her movements ruin some objective of yours such as body writing or balancing a glass upon her back or ass, etc.

One thing you need to know about body writing is that it is not like writing on paper. Obvious right? The flesh moves and pulls and the ink will bleed a little bit, so the finer the tip, the better the results. Also, like tattoos, if you mess up, it stays that way; so having a good idea of what you want before you start is a good idea. I have never found myself to be all that good of a free form artist. Don't get me wrong, I can most certainly draw but I like to erase a lot. Also, when trying to draw or write on a wiggling, shuddering slave who is begging to cum can be a bit distracting.

I started with something of a definition of slavery upon her right shoulder. However, I started with a pretty standard Sharpie and therefore the lettering was large, bold, and hardly as stylistic as I was hoping. Also the definition was less poetic than I was hoping for. So I decided to switch to one of my favorite gel pens. On the left shoulder I wrote out a more poetic sort of mantra regarding her slavery. It was definitely more stylized but also fainter.

The experiment continued, sporadically interrupted by my girl's need to cum, and I added some other odds and ends, including a "Property of" mark in the center of her lower back, her slave's creed on her left butt cheek, her slave motto on her right butt cheek, and a playing card of the Ace of Hearts upon her right calf that turned out pretty well. (I intend to post some of the photos from this session upon my Fetlife profile so feel free to check it out.)

All followed by a rather fantastic doggy style fucking to end the night, in which my slave reached back to massage my balls for the first time, if not ever then the first time in a long while. I shot a really heavy load into the palm of her offered hand. Hot!! The nice thing about the markers W/we were using is that they wash off for the most part, leaving faint ghosts of what was written as opposed to bright, dark writing that can rub or transfer in the night, marking up the bedding.

Writing on the body of a slave is fun and really sexy. The slogans can be loving, tender, brutal, sexy, slutty, etc. Humiliating the slave by advertising her as a cum dump, or offering her finer attributes like an auctioneer at a meet swap, whatever you wish to do. Sometimes just drawing designs or images transforming her into a living work of art. Fantastic fun for all. Enjoy...


jenpet said...

i thought that was why You use black sheets on Your bed, that the things we do don't show well!! ;)

FlutterbyKisses said...

~@~ *giggles* dark marker may not show, but the release He gave you or any of His offering that missed your eagerly awaiting hand would definitely be noticeable... *giggles some more* ~@~