Saturday, December 20, 2008


A while ago, i posted a blog encouraging folks to ask us questions, and we did have Florida Dom who came by and left us a slew of questions that need answering, so i thought i'd get a start on answering a few of the questions we were left.

-- Are you planning on taking things to a new level each time she gets accustomed to one level?

Master and i strive for growth. It is our intention to never allow for complacency in our relationship. In our eight years of marriage, protocols have been increased, scenes have intensified, and rules have changed. It seems that as soon as i am able to wrap my head around a change, be it verbal requirement or no longer being allowed to use furniture without permission, there is something new added to our interactions.

When we used to visit family, that was the one time it seemed i could get away with...well...being a bit of a brat (though i might pay for it later, depending upon his mood). Now when we visit family, rules still apply, i have to ask Him for permission for a drink, the ability to use the bathroom, and the like, though it probably hasn't been noticed.

--How tall are each of you and what do you weigh and what are her measurements?

i'll let Master answer His part in His way... i am 5'5, weigh more than i'd like at 175, my bra size is 36D, my waist is 35 inches 'round and my hips are 40 inches.

--Why don't you post pictures on your site as well as Fetlife?

Master and i have talked about this ─ and while we may post pictures here in the future ─ for now, we enjoy the fact that FetLife's pages aren't crawled by search engines, like our blog is.

--Do you do tit bondage until they turn purple?

Not recently. (pout)

--Does she have any piercings? If not do you plan some?

Right now, no. i've even let my plain old ear peircings close. However, Master has said that He has interest in some peircings, so we'll see where that goes.

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