Sunday, January 4, 2009


i know, i know, we've been awfully quiet of late.

While the Master and slave relationship is something always present in our lives, play, lately has not. Though, in the absence of play, i've been working on improving my oral skills, so Master hasn't been completely neglected.

In the past, often our play was hindered (not stopped completely, mind you) by some joint injuries i have acquired over the years. Master often teases me about them, calling me "old before my time", which is somewhat true ─ er, a lot true. When i was much younger, i had a knack for falling down stairs, getting tangled up in the net when i played volleyball and, in general, being a klutz. The end result is my left side has some limitations... Inflexibility in my shoulder, some random damage to my inner-ear that causes headaches, an easily strained tendon in my ankle that does not respond well to pressure and (gasp) a knee that gives out when i am kneeling. (i know, i know, a slave who can't kneel? That's horrible!)

In those moments, we lamented the hindrances, but were grateful that we both had our generally good health...

Now, i just want my health back. i'm not going to go into detail, as i have yet to see a doctor about it, for a few reasons ─ being, (namely) i'm afraid of doctors, i prefer alternative healing, i'm afraid of doctors (oh, wait, i said that already! oops) and alternitive health care. But, as time has not seen fit to bring a resolution nor has alternative healing, i think i am doomed to visit a doctor.

i will do my best to not be completely absent from Roles Defining Rules, but, my posts may seem melancholy. Now you can't say i didn't warn you!

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