Saturday, May 23, 2009

Vanishing point...

We didn't really disappear. Though there were days i wondered if we really existed at all. We didn't go anywhere, we didn't abandon our dynamic ─ in fact, we didn't do much of anything. And that kind of apathy tends to consume everything when you aren't looking.

Master and i just kind of did our thing. Moving along through our lives with neither of us putting forward the effort to make our days anything but ordinary. And just being ordinary, even though Master was still my Owner, even though i still was His property, the apathy kind of consumed our efforts there too. He stopped actively manipulating me and i stopped trying to be good. Oh, the rules were in place, still obeyed, but we stopped attempting to move beyond the surface of our relationship and dynamic.

And so, the month of May almost slipped away without becoming memorable.

Master and i both recognized the apathy, in part probably because i was getting, well, feisty and also because Master took the time to watch some of His favorite porn (Device Bondage by Kink!). So, while i was pushing the boundaries, picking at Master to see how much i could really get away with, He was realizing that we hadn't done much of anything and that i was trying to get away with murder.

And time was made, and the untreated sisal rope was brought out of the closet.

i don't know how many people use sisal rope (because every website i've ever run across says "Don't use sisal rope") but for the masochistic streak in me, it is awesome, though i also loathe the little prickles.

Once Master had the sisal rope wrapped around my chest, i remembered why sisal rope is so evil. Everytime you shift, every little movement, a new bit of skin gets prickled with a different set of prickles. So, i lay there, helpless, wrapped in evil-prickly rope, remembering i don't have a choice, and that whatever i do to pick on Master (no matter how apathetic we might be at the moment) has serious rammifications.

i had an afternoon of prickles to remind me exactly how owned i am, and how little i can change in my relationship with Master.

Evidince that there's no permanant vanishing point between Master and i.


trinity-pup said...

very glad to hear it! i'm gonna have to Google 'sisal rope' now, as i am not sure i know what it is! Sounds like a lot of fun though.

t. x

jenpet said...

The most common use for sisal rope? Making cat toys.

It is interesting, and fun, but i definitely wouldn't recommend attempting suspension bondage with it. It's also wise to consider putting down a sheet where ever you intend to use sisal because untreated, it sheds, and i would also check for bits that stick with you when the scene is said and done.