Monday, April 27, 2009

The Worst Patient

They say that doctors make the worst patients. What about us Masters?

So the other day, while out playing some tennis with a friend of mine, I managed to wrench my ankle around the wrong way. Rather painful I should say. I was a little concerned that I had actually broken some of the small bones in my foot, but I could move it and put weight on it so I was fairly confident that it was just a nasty sprain. We called it quits and I went home to my loving slave.

This was not the first time I have come home injured and by the stars I know it won't be the last. A couple of years ago, while wrestling around with this same friend of mine, I tore out my shoulder. Being a manly man and something of an idiot, I never went to see a doctor and just let it heal naturally. Fortunately, it healed right and has been just fine for a long time now. Well, during that time, my devoted little slave instantly became Dr. Mom and fussed over me ceaselessly.

Coming home with a rather marked hobble, I knew already what was going to happen. My slave greeted me at the door like a good girl and right away saw that I was limping. Let the fussing begin! Right away, she directed me to the couch, threw a pillow under my leg and rushed off to get an ice pack. My feeling is to just let it be and avoid rolling it again, but oh no! My sweet slave instantly becomes Collared Pet Md.

Suddenly she's shoving Advil in my face, handing me a rag to wrap the ankle in, telling me not to move or even think too hard. The girl hands me the X-box controller and the rest of my day is decided for me. All I'm missing now is a bed pan and an IV.

I know, I know, she was just wanting to take care of me, but wow! I normally make her fetch things for me so I don't have to be bothered, but for some reason when I am injured, its like a point of honor or something for me to do things for myself. So me laying on the couch having her fetch things for me goes from an every day activity to suddenly becoming a little bothersome and insulting. I know, weird right?

I think it is the fact that she becomes so demanding and pushy, telling me what I can and cannot do, telling me to sit and stay. A role reversal out of necessity and all I can do is lay there in pain chuckling to myself.

What a fantastically loving and caring girl I own. I consider myself very very fortunate...


trinity-pup said...
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trinity-pup said...

Hehehehe... You certainly sound like a very lucky Master - You are most definitely very loved! i hope Your foot is on the mend and feeling much better now.


Masterofslavej said...

Thank you, it is doing much better.

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