Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Assignments: Art

As i've mentioned previously, i like to draw. If you've seen my FetLife pictures, you'll see a few of my black and white pencil sketches... Lately, in an effort to teach myself to not overwork a sketch, or a painting, i've been dabbling with magna style drawings.

It's harder than it looks. i'm frustrated by the disproportion, the enormous eyes, and the lack of detail. But, i do think it will help in time, to let me see a simpler version of a sketch as a finished piece. Meanwhile, poor Master has been hearing me gripe about the disproportionate faces with no noses and rarely, lips (i think a woman's lips are sexy - all shapes and sizes, so it's one of my favorite parts to draw!!!).

One should also bear in mind that Master actually despises most manga and anime styles because of the over-simplification and enormous eyeballs.

But, Master did tell me that i needed to finish this piece and post it here. Originally, i was not intending these manga girls to be anyone in particular, but quite obviously, my mind has borrowed the image of two of my favorite bloggers and they are now manga girls, about to be posted below... i do hope that they don't mind being cartoon-ized. i'm not going to say which of my favorite bloggers they are...

And with that...my first art assignment, a finished manga piece. (i hope they're as good sports as i think they are!)

For anyone who is curous, the piece is hand drawn, scanned and computer colored.

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