Saturday, April 4, 2009

Making Time

Due to the time constraints that govern our lives, we don't often partake in the intricate scenes that involve complex bondage very often. And we hadn't ever experimented with bamboo and rope bondage. In thinking about that, i find it hard to believe that in ten years, we haven't ever taken my Master's love for rope to the next level - especially considering my interest in Shibari.

Last night, we took the time to make such a scene happen. And i think that despite the rewards of the whole event, it also took quite a bit of patience on both of our parts. i guess, when it comes to scenes, i desperately want to feel my Master's powerful hands controlling me, forcing me where He wants me ─ it's much harder for me to sit still for an indeterminate amount of time and help my Master confine me in rope.

But every excruciating minute i cooperated as Master looped inch after inch of rope around me, or around the bamboo, trapping my head in a triangle of bamboo, lashing my legs to the bottom of the frame He had created, it all took me deeper into a headspace where i was able to feel my helplessness, my dependence, and my willingness to be in that space for my Master.

While the full 150 some-odd feet of rope was used, i had plenty of time to ponder the desire i have to feel His force, (even in the brief moment in which i panicked because of the rope Master had used on my hands felt rather tight ─ though Master assured me it wasn't) and yet revel in the satisfaction i felt at quietly submitting to the intricate bondage.

To me, there is nothing finer than feeling Him toss me about like a rag doll, confine me with His powerful grip, and "force" me into rapid compliance. Don't get me wrong, i want to submit to Him, and i don't always require that "force", but it is something that i love. All this waiting as each inch of rope was carefully placed, however, also made me realize that patient submission was also rewarding, and i am sure that Master would appreciate receiving more of it.

Master's last step of the intricate bamboo frame and rope bondage was to compress my breasts between two shorter pieces of bamboo, which He then tied to the bottom frame, pulling me forward, forcing me to assume better posture. And that sent me over the edge into subspace. It was bliss ─ the right kind of pain, the right kind of confinement and that willing, patient headspace let me sink pretty deeply into subspace.

The ironic thing about bondage that is intricate and takes eons to complete is once it is complete, i feel like time moves so rapidly and so slowly all at once. It is like being encased in that bondage for hours longer than it took to complete, but at the same time, i am aware that it is only a fraction of the time. i would very much like to improve my tolerance and spend more time in such bondage, but i fear the time we have to dedicate to such a pursuit is yet too short.

Fortunately, Master insisted on taking a few pictures of the bamboo frame and bondage, which He has posted on FetLife.

Once the frame could be removed, Master found his girl more than willing and ready...still wrapped in the proper reminders of pain and pleasure the bamboo frame and inflicted.

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