Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Black and Purple is Pretty

As i had mentioned before, for most of the years that Master and i have been together there has only been one flogger in the house. Its falls are light, with smooth leather on one side, and it has a stingy sort of impact.

i almost always complain about how stingy it is, because i adore more thuddy impacts.

Recently, Autumn & Co. had a fantastic discount on bondage gear: 40 percent off! (i hope some of you kinky folk out there had the opportunity to pick up some kinky staples!) How could Master and i continue to drool over one of her beautiful suede floggers when it was almost half price? The answer was, we couldn't. While i left the office to take care of some things, Master proceeded to order the flogger... When i asked what colors He had chosen, he wouldn't tell me. i knew it would be black, but what else?

We waited, impatiently, checking the mailbox every day, sometimes twice a day, excited for it's arrival. After a short week (seven agonizing days) a small box arrived in the mail. The box was very small. Master was concerned that it wasn't full sized...but when He had the opportunity to open the very small box, he found the flogger, carefully tucked into the small space, nestled in pretty tissue paper, with the packing slip and Autumn's business card (which Master collects).

Eventually, He asked if i would like to see it, and i don't know how i contained myself. Internally, i felt that i was bouncing off the walls, and being invited to see the flogger and Master's mysterious color choice was exciting.

It is so pretty...As i believe you would have guessed from the title of this entry, Master selected black and purple, and it is gorgeous. And it is beautifully thuddy! Of course, with tips, it carries a deeper sting, which is quite different from our first flogger which has a light, cutting kind of sting.

i can't wait for a full-fledged flogging with the pretty new addition to our kink closet!


Florida Dom said...

Hope you enjoy the new flogger and, by the way, is jenpet still pumping her breasts. If so, are they getting bigger?

Masterofslavej said...

As a matter of fact, we are and they are. They are starting to produce as well, that bittersweet oozing they do before milk starts flowing. Nummy all around...