Monday, August 10, 2009

Ass Kicker...

So, I have had a great deal of fun with my precious little slave girl as of late. Midday fucks, rigorous bondage, face slapping, ass smacking, nipple twisting good times. Emotionally she has been feeling a bit under the weather given some up coming changes due soon, and what better time for pushing her to her breaking point?

Nothing quite as wild as binding down a seething, growling, messy haired cunt and reminding her that she is nothing but a worthless piece of property, a toy for my amusement, a bitch in my bed, and a slave in my collar while ramming my cock deep into her exposed pussy
. I honestly couldn't tell you which was louder, the angry growls or grunts of pleasure, or even her begging like a proper slut to cum all over my cock.

Like I said, fun times. It is also quite a treat to hear her, while panting for breath, thanking me between moist kisses upon my feet for using her and putting her in her place.

Today though, I discovered something that I fully intend to use to full effect starting immediately. I have always had a struggle on my hands when it comes to spanking my pet girl. I know first hand how much of a pain slut she can be, but when it comes to bare handed spankings, she whines and flops like I'm caning her. Now, she has gotten much better at being able to take a caning, whipping, paddling, etc. on her back side over the last little bit, but spanking just doesn't hit quite right.
Not to say that I intend to stop as I enjoy it way too much.

So, today, after a wonderful midday fuck, I sent my darling slave into the bathroom for a shower. Being the smart ass that she is, she began splashing me with water. I can't have that, so I decided to boot her butt. A couple of quick snap kicks to her ass and she nearly came. So, the truth comes out. She can't take the snappy little stings that come from spankings or even paddling, but she can take the full brunt of my foot across her ass like a pro! Oh ho!

I've kicked her in the butt before, a quick boot here or there to get her moving, or to correct her when I don't have my hands free. But this is on a completely different level, and never have I been so harsh about it. Now that I know just how much she can take and how directly an ass kicking effects those sweet spots deep inside, oh yes I'm going to be kicking her ass a lot!

So now our dear dear readers, I can clearly envision the scene. My slave bound to a cross. On a near by table lay the implements of torture familiar to all of us; whips, crops, canes, paddles, oh my. And there, in the heat of the moment, with her helpless and exposed in front of all of those people I literally kick her ass. Snapping the top of my foot fast and hard against her plump rounds. All watching as she shudders and quakes, quickly driven to orgasm after orgasm. Her blazing
red ass, radiating heat even at a distance as she dangles from her shackles, panting and whimpering.

Expect video and picture updates about this one, because hey, how often can any of us say that we get to literally kick the shit out of our slaves? I love it!


Florida Dom said...

Will look forward to the pictures and the video. And by the way, are her breasts continuing to produce more milk as you mentioned in an answer to my last comment. And how often do you have to milk her?

trinity-pup said...

Can't wait to see the pics and video :-)

t. x