Saturday, March 10, 2012


The last few weeks have been kinda hard. Master and i played hard together when we re-entered the public scene, and then after that, life happened. Life got in the way. Life did it's thing. And Master and i dropped.

In some ways, we still kind of are. We're stressed about some big changes coming up in our little corner of the world (and excited, hopeful and experiencing trepidation), and we haven't had a chance to connect like we really want to. Because life keeps getting in the way, we're both a bit touchy about everything. It's hard.

And we're desperate for a chance to relax and connect on that primal level we love so much.

Don't forget, March is Q&A month - if you leave a comment for us here on any recent posts, send it via formspring (Master's formspring box is on the bottom left of this page) or drop us notes on FetLife, we'll answer them here on the blog.

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