Friday, September 14, 2012

Sex, Slapping & Sucking.

It's funny how much face slapping has come up lately (on blogs, at conferences, on FetLife, etc), and people either love it or hate it. Personally, i love it. i wasn't sure i would, because it was such a challenge for me. When we started, Master went very lightly, not even really a tap across my cheek. And i flinched -- big time -- it was scary to me! Master worked hard, and slowly, to train me out of flinching from His slaps; i'm sure it was months before He even hit me at a quarter force. From time to time, i still flinch, but most of the time, i'm able to push into the slap, even if it's closer to full force than one of those sweet little taps.

This morning, before the alarm went off at dawn-ish (oh, how i love having everyone on a day time schedule!), Master reached under the comforters and stroked my skin and asked if i was horny. Still sort of sleeping, i pushed back into Him as an answer. Before long, there was snu-snu happening beneath the covers. Warm skin against skin, sometimes momentarily exposed to the chill of the night air still hanging in the room, heavy breathing and hands roaming, tearing at sheets... Just a yummy way to wake up; morning sex before the full light of day overwhelms my senses...yum.

And in the midst of yummy morning sex, Master slapped me. Not full force (awwww), but not those little taps, either... His hand cracking across my cheek repeatedly made me feel loved, connected and owned. They made me feel wanton and beautiful, confident and sure, frisky and active, servile and pleasing...

Master gave me three or four orgasms, and i could tell His back wasn't feeling particularly limber, so as we'd warmed to the point where the blankets were just too much heat, i shoved pillows together and Master's face lit up as He realized that He'd just had morning sex and was about to have a morning blowjob, too.

It was a beautiful, impromptu start to the day. And i hope that Master rides the high of an unexpected, enthusiastic, morning blowjob as much as i am riding the high of His hand whipping across my face.


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padme amidala said...

I love reading your blog and often lurk but I thought I'd come out of the shadows. :) I love face slapping from my Master. It's always a nice reminder of my place.

Great post!

Biggest hugs,
padme amidala