Saturday, September 15, 2012

Rope Demo #1

Master-Reaper had a friend who asked Him to do a breakdown and explanation of a picture found on FetLife. As Master tends to be mechanically minded, it was easier for Him to record a demo of the process. 

We both had a lot of fun doing this for our friend, and would be happy to do this as requested, for any tie we've done or found elsewhere online. Either drop us a note in a comment, or over on FetLife, and we'll see if we can't demo the tie!

The picture in question was found on Clover's FetLife profile. The model in the photo is Scarlot-Rose, the rope done by WykD_Dave, and the photography by Clover. (Beautiful!)


Noba said...

Thank you both so much. It was very helpful and i'm so honored you took out the time to puzzle though this one for me so quickly. I'm sure i'll find other ties but I will keep it to a manageable level.

Master-Reaper said...

Are you kidding me? Go crazy! The more crazy the tie the better.

I wonder if WykD_Dave went between her leg with the final wraps, there is the potential but I didn't see that on the photo and I'm not sure how he would with it being so tight. Still, this is my take on this beautiful tie.

Noba said...

okay then but don't say I didn't warn you. :)