Thursday, August 21, 2014

pet's Second Visit - A pet's Perspective

A day spent with Master
i walked to his door carrying the objects he had asked me to bring along. As i entered Master’s home, i was able to give creature the book i wanted her to borrow. i also included a recipe that i wanted to share with her. Master, creature, and i were able to talk and eat for a couple hours together which i enjoyed quite a lot. After a couple hours in, creature left to go on the visit she planned, taking the children with her. This left Master and i alone, with hours and hours to spend together.
Master ordered me to strip for him, i took off my clothes, leaving the panties i had carefully chosen for him. i enjoyed having Master look at me and photograph me. Eventually i stripped down all the way for Master and got on my knees before him. This lead to us snuggling and kissing for a while, it was so nice having Master hold me. i love snuggling with him, it makes me so happy. After a while Master said that we should head upstairs so he could place accessories on me. We both agreed but still snuggled for a moment longer. Master told me to walk on his left side, a bit behind him. i was happy to practice this and work to make him proud. Inside Master’s bedroom, he started to adorn his pet. He placed on me a large collar that i chose and then started to decorate me with chain. i enjoyed the chain quite a lot, the cool feeling of the metal was exciting. More pictures followed the chaining.
As i stood before Master, he started to play with me. Master looked into my eyes and talked about a topic we had brushed over earlier, cumming on command. i focused on this as he spoke to me and i was able to cum at least once. This is something i am very excited to work on. Sometimes it is difficult for me to cum immediately, i enjoy forcing myself to a point where i can’t control it. The idea of cumming to Master’s command thrills me so much.
Master then gave me permission to lay on his bed. Then he tried to see how many fingers he could fit inside the tight cunt he owns. i was already so wet, being with Master turns me on so much. He was able to get four fingers inside which lead to three orgasms. After using me, Master placed me inside his cage. It was fairly difficult getting inside with having my ankles and arms chained, Master helped me quite a lot. i sat inside for a bit and then Master suggested i lay down, this was a bit of a struggle, but i was able to find a position was wasn’t too uncomfortable. Master left the camera on me and then left for a bit. i enjoy when he does this because it gives me a moment to reflect on what the cage means and how helpless i am in that moment.
When Master came back to the room, he came up to the cage and stroked my leg. My arm was in a strange position and i was explaining it to him. He undid the chain that he had placed upon my upper arm. He then helped me out of the cage. Master ordered me onto my knees and i knew what was coming next. Master and i had spoken about using an anal plug when we got to see each other. i was extremely pleased and exciting to experience this for the first time. Master was so amazing with how gently and wonderfully he placed it in his pet’s ass, i was beaming the whole time he took pictures of me. Then Master got out some rope to bind my arms behind my back. He let me choose which rope i wanted him to use which was so enjoyable. He Master wrapped it tightly around my breasts and then clipped my cuffs onto the harness. Master then asked me if i wanted to wear the prisoner hood. i decided to try it and let him take away my sight. He then placed nipple clamps on to my breasts and started to tease my dripping cunt. He rubbed against my clit with the vibrator i was ordered to bring along. Master then started to slap my tits and against my inners thighs. i was getting so wet, so much more than i have before. It felt so amazing to hands Master pleasuring me between my thighs. The hood was an interesting experience, i enjoyed it for the most part, but after i came i got a bit claustrophobic. i mentioned this to Master and he obliged to my request. i wanted to try and get past the fear, but it was too much at the time. When i watched the video Master had made and looked at the pictures that he took of me with the hood on, i enjoyed it very much. i am very happy to have tried it and excited to delve into more fear play with Master.
Master then asked about the spanking i had requested, i decided that i wanted to be spanked before and after the walk we had planned. Master lay me down on his bed and brought out a large box of things to try out on my ass. i was extremely surprised by the collection. The beating was wonderful and pretty painful. i never been hit on my legs or my calves and i was in shock when Master started to migrate with his hits. Then he started in on my feet, which i couldn’t stand! It made me happy how he enjoyed my squeals and squirms.
After i had tried out each device that Master had collected, he wrapped me up in a harness. At this point, we both decided that a walk would cut into the precious time that was dwindling. i was to prepare our meal in the harness which delighted me. Master tied me up, placing the rope in between my cunt’s lips. It fit snuggly against the anal plug still placed inside my ass. After Master was finished, i sat on his lap where he started to rub the rope against my clit. It felt so amazing that i came with the rope. Such a delicious moment.
Then Sir and i headed down stairs to start the meal, I was adorned with the rope harness, a pair of cuffs, and shackles. Master was so kind in helping me find all of the things i needed to prepare the meal. It was so strong working with my hands so close together, but i was able to manage. Making food for Master and i made me so happy, wearing his lovely rope work and hearing the chain against the linoleum. When i finished we sat down and ate. We had a lovely conversation and i so loved watching Master enjoy his food. Before heading back upstairs Master showed me some videos he had made of creature, it was quite delightful to watch them.
Returning to the room, i asked Master if he could remove the harness, it had started to rub me the wrong way. He graciously obliged. Master then placed both of my hands behind my back in preparation of face fucking me. i so do love being bound and having my throat put to use. i started sucking Master’s cock, so delighted to hear him moaning. Then the pace increased and i worked on forcing Master’s cock down my throat. He said he would cum in my mouth which made me so happy, Master said he wanted me to hold it a while so he could see it. i wanted to make him cum in my mouth so bad, i tried to hold back on gagging too much. Master held onto the back on my head and forced my head onto his cock. When Master came in my mouth, i started gagging a lot and ending up making a mess all over myself. i hope to work more on my oral skills.
Master then decided it was time to fuck me since it was almost the end of my visit. He had me lay down on a cushion on my stomach on his bed. He removed the plug and then worked to fuck my ass. We had some difficulty, hopefully we will get to try it again. Master then tried to fuck me in other positions, but was held short by his bladder. Master then fucked me with his fingers, making me cum again. Then Master was able to fuck me, causing me to cum another three times. After this, we went into the bathroom to get cleaned up. Master told me he was going to pee on me and i had kept bugging him about it. He had me sit on my knees as he stood over me in the tub. Then he marked him property, it felt so good on my chest. i was so delighted and surprised by the sensation, i had no idea i would enjoy it so much. Then we washed ourselves and got ready for out departures. Such a wonderful way to end such a delicious day.

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