Friday, August 1, 2014

First Meeting, her Perspective

 I wanted to introduce my sweet willinglittlepet. This is her first, but definitely not last, blog entry here at RolesDefiningRules. Here, she discusses her perspective on our first meeting together...

Walking to the front door of the restaurant, I was nervous. Trying to trick myself into being confident and then I rounded the corner and spotted Master-Reaper. Upon seeing the man who had been delighting my mind I was still nervous, but it was a richer feeling… I wanted to give into the fear. The initial meeting was exactly as our online conversations had been, comfortable and open. Soon Master-Reaper decided it was time we go back to his home to get to know each other even better.
I was able to meet his entire, wonderful family whom welcomed me with open arms. We all talked together, I delighting at the time to finally see the beautiful woman who graced all the photos I had stalked on Master-Reaper’s FetLife page. The meeting smoothly transitioned into just Master-Reaper and I in his bedroom. I got down on my knees to wait for him to retrieve the camera that lay downstairs, just out of our reach. When he turned the knob, I felt my face erupt into a smile at his return.
Master requested I move closer to him and I happily did feeling his hands gentling touching my face. His hands on my drove me wild and I felt myself tremble as he explored my clothed body. After he was satisfied, I removed my clothing for him. I lay down on the floor as he tease my pussy still covered by the thing cloth of underwear. Master told me some other positions he wanted me to use and I practiced and showed him them. 

I was then able to remove Master’s clothing and feel his naked body against my own. I explored his warm, cuddly body... feeling his hard cock in my hands for a moment. Master then let me wear a beautiful collar. I have never worn a collar in play before and was very excited. When he pulled out the lovely metal collar my eyes instantly lit up. Master told me to kiss the collar as a sign of respect before I put it on. Smiling, I bent my head and did so. When the collar was placed around my neck I felt the weight of it which felt amazing. Master was talking about how he wanted to own me and I kept erupting with smiles on my face. The idea of ownership was amazing with the weight of the collar around my throat… I thought about Master’s hands around my neck and how perfect that would make me feel. After this, Master wrapped a lovely rope harness around my body.
Sitting next to him to view his craftsmanship in the mirror made me feel special and owned. It was such a wonderful moment. He then placed a lovely black ribbon around my eyes making me even more helpless. Then Master allowed me onto his bed when I lay on my back for him. At first it was kind of hard to get into a semi comfortable position, this was the first time I have ever been tied up. Master was so kind that he gave me a pillow to help support myself better. To adorn me more, he added a pair of nipple clamps. I spread my legs wide for him and then he began to play with me with latex gloves on. It felt so good I started to moan loudly very quickly. I asked Master permission to cum twice.
I had wanted to show Sir the skills I had been working on with my mouth during our first meeting specifically. With the blindfold on, Master helped me kneel down in front of him as I began to enjoy him. Without my eyesight the blow job was silly and fun, Master’s wet cock kept slipping all over my face. I kept giggling. With the restricted time Sir wanted to move onto other things but he said he could continue all day, I was so happy he found me so pleasing!
I was then commanded to straddle Master and ride him. I was a little bit hesitant because of my arms being bound but he helped me easily onto the bed. There was a bit of trouble getting on top of him, but eventually I was in position. I began to work my hips against his hard member and the clamps jangled up and down. They hurt so bad when they swung up and then back! I moaned to Master at some point that they hurt and he told me that I could get them off if I came, I agreed. After I begged him and came, Master removed the clamps for me. The initial rush of blood caused me to cringe which Master enjoyed greatly. I came again with the harness on and then we have a wonderful moment where Sir unwrapped me. I lay on his sweaty chest as we snuggled and laughed together. I loved feeling him take apart his work because he did it so carefully.
Master then ordered me to get into the “dog” position, I did so quickly not making him wait. He took me from behind which I enjoy so much. The weight of him laying on time of me made me feel so happy. I came several more times, at this point I had lost count. Then he rolled me over to look deep into my eyes. As he told me that I was just an object, his property… I felt so content, so used. Sadly it was at this point that I had to leave. Master kindly let me use his shower to wash up before I left. Driving away from my amazing meeting, I felt an overflowing happiness I have never encountered. Being Master-Reaper’s property made me so pleased and I am excited to continue.

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