Thursday, July 24, 2014

New Little pet...

So a few posts ago I wrote an entry called "Interesting Times" in which I mentioned how I was contacted by a dominant who wanted me to train his long distance submissive. I had mentioned that our first encounter had not taken place as a result of illness, but that I was very interested in meeting this young lady. 

A couple weeks later, and I had considered that the arrangement had fallen through and I didn't expect to hear from either of them again. However, just this passed Sunday, I did get a message from this lovely young lady. She had parted ways from her dominant at the time, the one who had contacted me for the arrangement previously mentioned, and that she still really wanted to have the chance to meet.

Well, I have to say I was a bit surprised, but I was extremely interested in meeting her and seeing what there might as far as opportunities between us. I wrote her back and within a day we were chatting up a storm. It was delightful talking about all the things she wanted to experience, what she had done up to this point, and even a little bit about where she wanted to end up. As a college student, the amount of time she could safely consider dedicating to any arrangement would be tied to her degree program. But that gives us the potential for up to two years of opportunities! How can I pass that up?

Up to that point, she had not been introduced to Fetlife. So I had her create a profile, willinglittlepet on Fetlife. We agreed to meet, much as we had discussed before, at a local diner. A public, safe setting for us both to get comfortable and enjoy a nice meal and get to know each other. Should everything go okay, which it definitely did, we would then head back to my place so she could meet my slave, our kids, and then share our first foray into fun. Just as planned, we met mid week, shared a lovely meal, and, as we were both comfortable with each other thus far, we did go back to my place. 

 My pet was a bit anxious about meeting my slave, worried that my slave may not like her or that they would not get along. Nothing could be further from the truth, the both seemed to get along wonderfully. They had so much in common and my pet demonstrated her intelligence and integrity beautifully and my slave was quite impressed. We all sat about for a while, talking and sharing until it was time for the slave to take the kids to the store and for me to take my pet upstairs for her inspection. 

We went to my room, and I had her kneel at the edge of my bed as I had to run all the way back down to get my camera, because why would I need that? When I came back upstairs, my pet was where I had left her with a big smile on her face. We began, first by talking about her interests and what she wanted this to be, even in a general sense. I had her come close and I reached out, placing my hands on the sides of her face. Just a touch, gentle and warm, and worked my hands over her neck and shoulders. I was enjoying the heat of her flesh and the slight tremble of her body under my touch. I kissed her sweet lips, teasing her tongue with mine.

Then I had her strip down, removing her lovely red summer dress and the lovely pink bra. I allowed her to keep her ribbon framed panties for a little bit and laid her out on the floor for some examination. My pet has such a tiny frame and delicious breasts. My fingers probed her body for a while before I pulled her back up and had her remove the panties. 

Then I had her stand and began laying out some basic positions and rules. As per usual, she was to call me Sir, answer when spoken to, look at me when she speaks to me, etc. I taught her how to stand at attention, how to stand for inspection, and present in a dog pose. My pet ate it up, loving each minute of the attention.

After a thorough inspection of her charms, I allowed her to undress me and examine for herself. Such delicate little fingers caressed my body with an almost tentative touch. I offered her a collar for the day, not a permanent one for her exclusively to mark her as mine, yet. But one that would mark her as mine for the session. I pulled out a metal collar and she swooned, never having had a metal collar locked around her neck before. I placed it on her and screwed it shut tightly. The weight surprised her, but more so I think because of how much she liked it. 

Next, I pulled out my rope and placed a harness on her. The rope wound around her lithe little frame and held her perfectly. And, with her hands secured behind her, she was starting to sink into the helplessness that she sought and I crave to provide. I put her on her knees in front of the mirror and had her look at the harness hugging her. I could tell she loved the sight of it. Which brought me to the next part, time to restrict her sight. I brought out the black, satin blindfold and wrapped it over her lovely blue, dilated eyes, deepening the helplessness. My pet knelt on my bed, bound and blindfolded, awaiting whatever would come next. 

I had made a promise that I was going to force her to orgasm and deny her permission making her hold it. I placed her on her back on my satin, leopard print sheets and had her spread her legs. As an added bonus, I placed the silver clover clamps on her nipples, as she did mention she loved nipple torture. I had found her wet to the point of dripping during my inspection and it took very little persuasion to slide my latex glove covered fingers inside her. I worked her, slow at first, but growing in speed and intensity. Soon she was moaning and that slight whimper of desire escaped her lips. I taught her how to beg for me and made sure she had plenty of practice. If I remember correctly, I had made her cum at least twice if not three times with just my fingers stuffed inside her. 

By then, I felt it was time to experience the oral skills that she has mentioned being proud of, so up she went from laying on my bed with a tug of the nipple clamps. I placed her on her knees at the edge of my bed and prepared myself for a wonderful time. My pet's mouth was so eager and demonstrated an impressive degree of skill. As she had mentioned to me, she had been practicing.  I was quite delighted by the sight and feel of her, on her knees, bound and blindfolded, her mouth sliding up and down my cock. I could feel her tongue reaching down to touch my balls as she took me deep. As I had said to her, I could do that all day long. However, we were sadly on a time limit and needed to move on. 

I pulled her onto the bed and lie next to her, instructing her to straddle me. It took a little effort, bound as she was, and some guidance from a pinched nipple here and there, but she managed nicely. I then had her beg into the camera to have my cock inside her, a lovely little video placed up on Fetlife for my fellow supporters to enjoy.  How could I say no? I worked my cock inside of her and returned the clover clamps to their new found home. My pet worked her body, riding me in such a wonderful spectacle of moaning and jingling nipple clamps. I reached up and gripped her rope harness, pushing and pulling her on my cock. Then I placed my finger through the ring on the collar and the look on her face when I did was that of pure delight. I think, of all the lovely and wonderful moments we shared that day, that was the moment I knew she was mine. Another lovely video on Fetlife. 

I want to say that she came another two times like that, riding me in the harness. By this point she had been bound for over an hour like that and I was truly impressed by her stamina. While she was still straddling me, I began unbinding her arms. We then shared a lovely few minutes of being sweaty, hot, and pressed together in a tender embrace. My pet seemed at home in my arms and the smile still had not left her face. However, I wasn't done yet. I ordered her into the "dog" position and continued by taking her from behind. I lost count of how many times she came this way, but I would say we broke her multiple orgasm streak, by double if I'm not mistaken. How I enjoyed feeling her body rock back against me as I pushed into her, deeper and deeper. I ended up pressing my chest against her back, crushing her into the bed and she told me how much she loved it. My pet kept twisting around to look me in the eye as I pinned her hips to my bed. Such lovely eyes peering into mine, that wide and delighted smile on her lovely lips. 

I flipped her over onto her back and started over, gripping her face in my hand while I reminded her that she was just an object, a thing that I owned. Oh how she bucked at that. My pet moaned and begged as I worked my cock inside her. Sadly, our time ran out and our fun had to come to an end. I helped her to her feet and ensured that she had the chance for a shower. It is a good thing that my pet likes sweat because this summer heat ensures that there will be plenty of it. 

Once she was dried and dressed, and the room had mostly been put back to order, we went downstairs to rejoin the slave and the kiddos, freshly back from their shopping and park adventure. It was an interesting aftermath, sitting and talking while the kiddos played and talked at my pet, being a new face for them and all. All the while knowing what we had just been up to. We spent another half hour discussing things and having comfortable conversations about life and everything of interest before my pet had to get going. It was bittersweet, seeing her leave but knowing that this was just the first of many adventures to come. 

I had asked her during the inspection if she liked the idea of being owned by me, of me claiming her as my own. The way her face lit up when she said that she really wanted that was... perfect. And so, I stake my claim of this delightful and wonderful little pet. What that will entail and how far it will go is something that we will both define as we progress, but one thing is for certain to me at this point. This is going to be something wonderful...


rose said...

A lovely post! It's fantastic to read (and watch) the start of what sounds like a wonderful new journey for you both.
I remarked on fet how great it was to see willinglittlepet grinning so big, and reading this there's no doubt in my mind that you were doing the same.


Master-Reaper said...

Thank you so much, Rose. And yes, I imagine you are correct ;) I must have been smiling big as well. I am so glad that you have enjoyed sharing in our experience. I'm always happy to share ;)...