Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Using my fiction against me...

So, Master, for the first time in forever, has taken some real vacation time. It’s glorious! We’re not really going anywhere or doing anything (missing Thunder in the Mountains again this year); but we are enjoying being together…in carnal ways and in the silly ways, too! Plus we don't have to lug our massive toy collection anywhere this way.
A while back, i wrote a few pieces of erotica – really short ones, only 3 or 4 pages written by hand – and Master liked them. He liked them enough that some of the thoughts were incorporated into a play session during his first real day off…wrapping my hands in vet-wrap (first time we've actually used the stuff -- and offhand, it’s pretty awesome), and then used the last of the roll to keep the inflatable gag in (being able to hyper-extend my jaw aggravates Master to no end). It’s amazing how quickly i sink into an animal mindset once Master has taken away the use of my hands…the leather hood went on after that, along with the leash and a set of nipple clamps. i sat there, on my knees and “paws,” just breathing in the silence and darkness the leather hood wraps me in.
Then he knocked me over. This was the part of the story i wrote, so i knew how this game worked…His amusement as i struggle back up on to all fours. Over and over. Once the chain between the clamps was trapped beneath one of my knees when i got back up; if he’d noticed, he might have laughed, but since i couldn't hear or see, i don’t know if he did. When he was bored with knocking me over, he had me struggle up on to his bed, where he held my face down while he pried my cunt open with a speculum and shoved a lubed up dildo up my ass. Then he fucked me; cross-eyed, probably. i lost track of orgasms, and for a while, i was too blissed out to even remember how to ask him for permission. Sometimes it feels too good to hang out over the edge without going over, anyway. Somewhere along the way, he’d taken a short buffalo hide scorpion tail whip (it’s all of 12 inches long, i think, maybe 20 with the handle) and applied some stripes to my hind end – it’s sore, but dollars to doughnuts, i won’t be marked by tomorrow. After he’d fucked me into oblivion, he must have finished himself… When i was aware of my body again, he’d already taken all the vet-wrap off and was putting away the things that didn't need to be cleaned. 
It’s these moments where i really feel content; moments where i feel terribly, irrevocably owned. No matter how hard it was for me to endure the panicked breathing, or the sharp pain of the clamps, or my desire to get away from the anal intruder, or whatever it is he's doing to me…there is no escape. He is bigger, stronger, faster, and he will get what he wants…which is exactly what i want and what makes me drip and lust for more of him. 


Master-Reaper said...

My sweet slave, I'm always intrigued to see your perspective of our fun. I feel that some details are some times lost, but who can hardly blame you when you are so far gone. I love watching you pass out from our fucking. Loves the slave.

jenpet said...

Master, i do my best, but i always feel shaken up and out of order when you're done with me. ;) i love the way you make me feel and i love YOU!