Sunday, July 13, 2014

my Bear

the lines of Him are soft,
fluffy and furred
as He sleeps like a giant pillow;
grand to cuddle,
and perhaps a little squishy.

but it is a lie.
a facade.
a fable.

what builds the core of Him,
is strength and sinew,
flashing fangs and cutting claws,
might and speed, cleverly hidden
behind the softness.

though He is kind, maybe tender,
He is also hard and sharp,
drinking fear in other eyes;
when they see the truth of Him,
as He protects it for His own.

the strength of Him,
is palpable beneath the soft subterfuge;
though the full measure is best shown
as He devours suffering,
bringing His strength to bear.

oh, believe the fable,
miss the chance to see the depths,
feel the fangs, claws,
or touch the stretching strength of Him,
the truth behind the Loving Monster.

                                  ~ creature (first draft, July 2014)

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