Thursday, October 2, 2014

pet's Perspective: First Night with creature and I...

 Here is the long awaited account of pet's first night together with both myself and creature...

Master was kind enough to ask me if i was cold before commanding that i strip for him. i pulled my dress over my head and folded it to put away. i got down on my knees, waiting for him. creature came out of the bathroom and Master asked her what sweet things she had to wear. creature replied by returning to the bathroom and putting on a wonderfully pink bra. Now upon the floor lay both of Master’s slaves in just their undergarments for him. Master stood over us contemplating the sight and decided what he wanted to do first.
To begin, we were both adorned in chains that bound our legs and arms. Then we were both sealed in darkness as Master teased us with his voice. He ordered us to scoot close to each other on our knees. We placed a knee in between the others legs and i could feel creature’s warmth start to surround me. There was nudging of heads which lead to our first kisses under Master’s command. Meeting each other’s lips under the blanket of darkness soothed me and excited me. Hearing her soft moans filled me with such warmth, it felt wonderful feelings her entangle her mouth with mine. We kissed for several minutes, although i felt i could get lost in the dark and warmth forever.
Master then commanded creature to lay down. Master then had me be “sweet” to her nipples. i sucked on then for quite a while as Master enjoyed watching from above us. Then i started to realize that creature liked it more when i was a little bit rough with her. i teased her gently with my teeth and i could feel her milk drip into my mouth. i then felt Master’s hand start to undo my bra and pull off my underwear. Master lubed up and ass and i felt the cool touch of metal against my bare skin. He asked me if i was ready and i replied yes, trying to concentrate on creature as he filled me. Then he fingered my already soaked cunt, i was able to concentrate on pleasuring creature for a bit. But this Master started stretching me with four of his fingers and i started moaning so much. At some points i lay on creature’s chest, unable to do anything other than moan and shudder. creature nudged her face closer to mine, her breathe felt so good on my face. As i got to my tipping point, i felt her arms wrap me into her warmth and then i begged Master to cum. i erupted, moaning against creature. i so loved how she touched me, there was such care in it.
Then Master took out some puppy toys and he threw them for us to retrieve for him. This was the first time i have ever done puppy play and i must say i enjoyed it very much! creature and i got to play tug of war. Growling at each other as we romped around with the rope toy was so much fun. Master eventually wanted us at his feet where creature and i showered him with love, climbing up his legs to our ultimate prize. i so enjoyed pleasing Master with her, i still felt so much like a puppy. creature then took control of the camera and i finished Master on the couch. This apparently gave Master ideas because he then ordered creature to put on the strap on. i was extremely confused with what the plan was as i knelt before creature. She sat on the couch with her legs spread to me. Master told me to “go to work” and i giggled a bit before trying out the bright green plastic strapped to creature. Still in such a puppy mood, i started to chew and tug against the dildo. creature and i laughed as Master continued to situate his scene.
i felt him kneel behind me and start to pull out the anal plug. He massaged me and then started to insert something much larger. i turned around to see i was sporting a short black “tail” which i, or course, had to shake a bit. Master then started to fuck me with his cock as he moved the plastic black toy in rhythm. i moaned intensely as i struggled to concentrate on continuing my work on creature’s green plastic appendage. i kept myself on the edge as long as i could, but it felt so amazing being filled. i begged to cum and was happy when Master gave me permission to erupt. This was such an amazing moment since i had been talking for Sir since we met about how badly i wanted to be filled.
creature then went to enjoy a wonderful shower and Master and i moved to the bed. He had me lay down on my back, my legs and arms spread wide. Master teased me with a whip for a while until he was ready to fuck me. He commanded me to straddle him and i climbed on top getting ready to ride him. We laughed and moaned for quite a while. Master making me erupt in orgasm over and over again. After a while when i was starting to feel sleepy, Master suggested a shower.
Before adjourning to the bathroom, Master asked if i wanted to be doubly penetrated again. i moaned yes please and got on all fours to wait for him. Master retrieved the black anal plug and started lubing up my ass. He filled me with the toy and his cock and started to move them in the same rhythm. It felt so amazing that i felt like i was about to cum right when he started. i held off for as long as i could then begged Master for permission to cum. He granted it and i shuddered and moaned, truly spent at that point.
Master and i then got ready to use the shower. He grabbed the cuffs for the shower and set them up as i found the right temperature for the water. We stepped in and Master soaped me up first. i love when he cleans me, he gives me such joy. The best thing though, is when i get to clean him. Master handed over the shower poof and started to lather him up. i love running my hands over it body, cleaning and caring for him. After we were both clean, Master bound my wrists to the shower wall. i loved how helpless i felt with my arms over my head. Master teased my exposed and tender clit, making me cum several more times.
When we were both done drying off, Master and i sat on the couch and enjoyed the chocolate cake that was left from the dinner Master, creature, and i enjoyed. It was a wonderful way to end the night, i felt exhausted and satisfied.

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