Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Rambling rambles...

It has been a little while since I have posted an entry, and I wanted to share some of the fun we have had. I try to focus this blog upon our kinky adventures, but we also try to show the reality of the Owner/property lifestyle, the good and the bad. The bumps in the road and the moments of smooth sailing.

Recently there has been quite a bit of good, and I am very grateful for it. As we have posted recently, we have been joined by my willinglittlepet, my collared second slave. It has been a very delightful and rewarding experience for all of us thus far. Oh, the kids have kept us from having much play time together as a group, but we have had at least one night all together to play in a hotel room. The connection between the three of us runs deeper than just the shared interest in kink, play, and my ownership of them. My girls share interests in common in reading, spirituality, interest in rocks and stones, food (though not the patience for more time intensive recipes), etc. Delightful and beyond my hopes.

Since that night in the hotel, the pet has spent the night in my bed twice now. Bound both times, of course. In chains. The first night, we were all together; me, my creature, and my pet. The second time was this past weekend, the night of her first trip to the Sanctuary, and that time it was just the two of us. What a fun night was that. Such a cute little pet of mine. I bound her for the ride down, a short chain locked under the car seat, shackles and handcuffs padlocked to the chain. As an added bonus, a pair of painted in sun glasses, a public blindfold. We had a great conversation and the occasional reach over grope. 

Owning her has been quite a pleasure. Given that she lives in a near by town, there is a component of distance but also frequent visits to allow for training, play, corrections, or what have you. For the distance aspect, the pet is required to text me, as creature does, whenever she leaves one location and is headed for another. Additionally she is required to text me at bed time and when she wakes. There are certain rules she must follow throughout her day, but for the most part, I have not dictated much regarding her schedule or day. My pet is young and in college, has friends and family and as such has some degree of autonomy, however, she is always to consider how her actions would reflect upon me. Sort of a guideline in lieu of specific rules.The pet wears her collar, an identical metal ring to creature's, each day but I allow her constant access to the key if it needs to be removed for family or functions.

The pet's friends have been supportive of our situation, even those that are not inclined themselves. Either through curiosity or just friendly caring, they have come to understand and accept that she is my property and what that basically entails. Some have even been kind enough to take pictures of the marks I have left on her, and oh have there been some marks. A couple of her friends have their own interest and have been talking about putting up a Fetlife page of their own. I keep eagerly anticipating this, though have not seen one yet. 

Even the logistics have worked out beautifully, better than I had thought. From the beginning, pet was introduced to the whole family. As far as the children are concerned, she is another family friend that comes over on occasion. The creature will take the children out on errands or visits when the pet comes over for play. However, my eldest has begun to ask questions of her visits; "What is she doing with daddy? Why are we leaving and she's coming over?" The curiosity of babes. As a result, we have had to adjust. When the pet came over this past weekend, she had to text me when she arrived and wait outside for me to come down. When we came back, and she spent the night, the next morning we had to sequester the children in their room so that we could say our goodbyes. It was hard and felt wrong. The whole point was to avoid her having to be a secret. I know it is temporary and the creature is right when she says that more opportunities to have the pet over for dinner and just hanging out time will make it easier on him. 

Still, given all the potential complications and challenges, this has been an incredible adventure and I am so grateful. Here is to many, many more adventures! Stay tuned, dear reader...

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