Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Henny Speaks

My Darling Henny provides her perspective on being inducted into our household...

I got my first a chance to play with Master Reaper when I went to Thunder in the Mountains in July. I had been talking to him and Creature online for at least 4 years before I got the chance to meet them. They were wonderful company in every way, not just for play. Master Reaper was good at negotiating, checking in without breaking up play, and directing me to practice saying my safewords. On top of that, we were just extra compatible for play.
I had such a good time that I arranged during the same visit to Colorado to go back and have another session with Master Reaper and visit his family. His kids are super adorable and smart, and I like the respectful way that he and Creature interact with them. Creature and I turned out to be very similar in many ways. I got to play even harder than the last session when we got away by ourselves and try some new things.

As much as I like playing harder when I can, I have to be picky about some play, because I have always had a poor memory of play and sex after it happens, unless something goes wrong, in which case, I get all trauma-o-vision. Play partners have told me what happened afterwards, and taken pictures to show me. Master Reaper took some video footage, which was new and interesting for me. I knew I sometimes said things I didn’t remember during play, but it turned out I didn’t even remember some plain old lying around conversations, either, which shocked me. Watching uninterrupted video of myself playing & talking was strange when I didn’t remember it, but it helped me connect to that compartmentalized memory. Since watching those videos of myself, I find I now have a better memory for play, which is nice.

After I left Colorado in July, I wanted to stay in touch with Master Reaper and Creature. I ended up being in contact with Master Reaper almost every day. I asked if I could call him Master. I am honored that he accepted, despite our distance.

I got an opportunity to go visit again this month. I was a little nervous that it might turn out to be a bad time to visit, because he had just added a new sub, Iseley, to his household. I had thought of asking him if he was interested in making our relationship more formal, but decided to wait until perhaps another visit while I saw how this visit went.

The good news turned out to be that I like Iseley just as much as I like Creature. They are both wonderful to spend time with. We got along well with one another. I am grateful that I get along with people who are like me.

When Master Reaper and I got away again, we had another wonderful date, followed by a sleepover. It was amusing to wake up a couple times in the night confused, then get surprised and happy to realize where I was, and who I was with.

Master Reaper gave me some good bruises that kept on giving long after I left. I don’t think I have ever gone to sleep with welts and woken up with the welts still raised like they were new. When they were a week old, there was still some soreness. I missed Master Reaper and his family very much. Master Reaper contacted me and asked me himself if I would like to make our relationship more formal. His other subs were happy to have me in the family, and I am happy to join it in return. 

Oh and I would add that I've never called anyone Master or been owned before...

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