Sunday, March 5, 2017

henny's Recount of her February Visit...

I went to visit Master and Creature for a week in February, in an attempt to try out the cold weather where they live, and to try out being a part of the household. It was in the 70s all week, so that part didn’t work out, but I did get to have a visit that was less vacation-y and more day to day.

As soon as I got to Master’s house, he put my new collar on me. I love the collar! It connects me to Master all the time. I’m not taking it off unless I absolutely must. Master entrusted me with the key, so that I could go through airport security without it, but once I got through, it was on and has remained on since.

Master and Creature set me up in their room, so I could snuggle with Master at night along with Creature. Master chained my leg to the bed at night, which I liked very much.

I was given my rules for when I was at home: asking permission to use the bathroom, to eat and to sit on furniture. I had a little trouble getting used to the rules, and I made some comical moves as I realized I was about to sit on chairs or beds without permission. There were a few hot stove hops as well as a couple collapsing and sliding off of things moments. Master was strict but very patient with me as I learned my new habits.

I got to take turns with Creature playing with Master on weekday nights after work, and Creature was nice enough to let me play with Master over the weekends on both ends of my visit…if it was her decision? Heh. I also offered to help Creature with the household work, and she was nice enough to let me help with some of it. She’s very attached to her work in the house. I was worried about being in the way and she was worried about me being comfortable, so it worked out rather well. We are very much alike in those kinds of ways.

My memory for sex and play is rather compartmentalized, so what happened and when play wise is a bit hazy. Then again, that means I had a rather good time! Master took lots of pictures and video to help me remember.

Master locked me for some time into the pipeworks chair and the pipeworks spanking bench. It was hard and I did it as long as I possibly could, which turned out to be longer than either of us expected (I have joint issues from CF/ME). I love hood play, and Master tried a thick hood on me, which I was surprised to find made me a bit panicky, but Master gave me some good advice on what to do physically to help (suck the hood into my mouth). We also did my first noose play, which I just loved. I was amused when the noose play seemed to massage my lymphatic system. My glands swelled up and then drained entirely after it was over, which I think I really needed!

I got to do some nice electricity play in the pipeworks chair. I had one of my massive giggle fits that I get from endorphins now and then. Thankfully, Master does not mind my giggles. I got to do my first cage play. I got some good beatings and a good whipping!

Unfortunately, I also got sick partway through the trip with very bad asthma. Something was being burned in the area that made a big white plume, and it was bothering everyone, but I am extra prone to respiratory problems, both from genetics and once again, the CF/ME. I have never been treated so well when sick, and that is saying something. Master held me while I coughed, and he and Creature did everything they could, but I had to sleep in another room the last few nights because of the coughing. I got very aggravated with my body.

We still had more fun, though. Master took me to the mall in my covered up bondage one evening and bought me agua fresca. He made a few attempts at ordering a milkshake for himself, but gave up, as the woman at the drink stand was not a native English speaker and also seemed to be suffering from some intellectual disability.

The last weekend that I was there, Master put me in a gag and pup mask and had his way with me. So fun I can barely remember it! I can see from the pictures that I was pretty deep in subspace.

Somewhere in that week, we did some fun DP play with my new Bad Dragon toy that I shipped directly to Master’s house so I could keep it there. When? I don’t know! But I do remember it was so fun.

I also had a wonderful time with Creature and the children at non play times. Their kids are so adorable. If I can’t be a regular part of the household, I will be spending as much time there as I can. I want to be near Master as much as possible. I miss him very much, and I have only been gone 2 weeks.

I had a strange dream before I visited that Master was a mean abusive person who was keeping me away from my cat! He was acting like some of my past partners who hurt me. I think it was just my brain panicking over getting so attached to someone. I talked to him the day I had it. I feel very safe being honest and open with him. There was a moment when he had me tied up standing on the over the bed pipe frame when I got emotional and started tearing up. He checked in with me and I made some evasive excuse about something making  my eyes water. Then after we played, I told him I had really been crying with mushiness and had been too embarrassed to say so in the moment. But then I realized that there was no reason to be anything but honest about it. It's sometimes hard to be so vulnerable with him, but it's because of me, not him. He is very good to me, and I tell him so whenever I can.

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