Tuesday, September 16, 2008

On the bathroom floor...

You may or may not have noticed my twitterings lately, complaining about a shift in schedule. i also believe i discussed my dislike of change in a previous post. While things are headed back towards "normal", it's not going to be an immediate shift. And it means change again, so that has me on edge, though it will help us bring things back into balance.

And they were very badly out of balance lately. With the sudden shift in schedule, there was very little time for Master and i to spend together...in fact, though we were home together often, it felt like we were living in two separate worlds. Invariably, when i allow myself to become stressed, i become an insomniac, my hair falls out and i loose what little control i have over my tongue.

All of that led to some very poor behavior on my part, and whenever i'm feeling particularly contrite, i feel the need to offer Master a service that, if not His favorite, damn near tops the list... That is, oral sex, which may or may not be mixed with a handjob.

So, feeling contrite, with Master in the shower, i knelt outside the tub, and persuaded Him to relieve some stress and accept a heartfelt apology via a blissful orgasam. When i was permitted to enter the shower to clean the evidence from my chest, He decided that more was required.

There's nothing wrong with shower sex (in fact it's great!), but it is difficult for me, as our shower is tiny, Master is built like a linebacker, and i'm not all that lithe at the moment. But passion ruled, and things progressed. We fucked in the shower, on the bathroom floor pinned between the toilet and the wall, with my head bumping the wall and the floor intermittently, until we progresed back into our room for the sake of space...

i was His rag doll caught up in His strength, His plaything, for His use and felt more grounded in my role as His slave than i have in weeks. i was gasping, covered in our sweat, with my eyes burning and caught in that place where pleasure and pain are one and the same, where breathlessness twitches into bliss.

And i don't want to let that go...

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