Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The hunt for subspace

i was chatting with some twitter friends about subspace a while ago. You know, that elusive place some people say doesn't exist, and others are able to drop into with the first full minute of play? Well, i'm not gonna argue its existence or what it is, or how it comes about (the chemistry of it, i mean) or any of that. Nope. Not gonna.

Because i think it's a little different for most folks.

For me, when i fall into subspace from bondage, i feel floaty and small, protected and fulfilled. i feel like i find subspace easier in bondage. And i don't even have to be particularly happy about the kind of bondage -- just restrained in such a way that i can't move much or go very far. i'll get that floaty feeling from being left in the cage for a few hours. i'll find myself all tiny and contained after i've fought against ropes that i'm not enjoying.

On the other hand, there's the more elusive (for me) subspace from impact play. i love, love impact play -- especially when it's Master's hands and feet. Kicks and punches. Yummy. Of course, i'm learning that i really can enjoy play with single tails, too. But from impact play, i get an adrenaline high. i'm spiked up, though i may be loopy and feel soft and malleable to Master's will. Unless. Unless He clocks those nerves on the outside of the thigh with an epic bunny-punch. And then i'm just a pile of sobby happy goo.

So which one is my subspace? Both. But what they do, and how i get there -- they're vastly different. But then, my subspace isn't the same as someone else's; because it's mine. The adventure is finding it.

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padme amidala said...

Hi jenpet!
I'm really glad you blogged! Was really excited to see your post. :) I enjoyed chatting with you about subspace. It's a good subject and always interesting to hear what people think of it and how they are able to get there.

Great post!
Biggest hugs,
padme amidala