Monday, January 14, 2013

Don't follow the rules...

 It's been an interesting last few weeks. i haven't felt myself, and it's been super annoying to reach up to my neck and find that something is missing (my collar!). Master has been hyper alert to every little noise, and asking if i'm alright. It's strange and disconcerting to be fussed over like this.

Sunday was a wash, entirely, because i was worried it was the day, so we spent two hours of Master's weekend day off at the hospital. i followed the directions posted on the door of triage -- i left my mobile phone behind. Poor Master was left in the waiting room, with our boy, wondering how long it was going to be before He could get a burger. i sat in triage wondering why i thought triage would provide a quick answer. Eventually, Master called someone asking for an update, and the staff was surprised that i had left my phone behind.

Lesson learned, though. Ignore signs that say "No Mobiles."

Okay, okay. Not always. But maybe ask for clarification about those signs.


The Green Foxx said...

*HUGS* for you dear, some rules needs to be broken

padme amidala said...

*hugs* I will be thinking of you on Thursday! Sending lots of best wishes that the delivery goes well!

Can't wait to see the pictures! :)

padme amidala