Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year...

Wow. The new year always throws me for a loop. It seems different, but not different; a subtle shift somewhere in my perception, or reality itself... But is it? Not really - a good way to catalog experiences, mark them in our histories, definitely - and maybe that's enough. Maybe that's the entire point. Maybe that's why we get so excited when the clock turns over to the new year... Even if we were soundly sleeping just before the clock flipped over to 2013.

So, 2012, goodbye. Thanks for all the fish, which included:

* my (delayed) accomplishment of obtaining a college degree
* a much needed move to a more urban center
* a big change in Master's career -- which was also a much needed thing
* a wonderful experience in being able to spend more time with the surrounding area's kinky community
* a fantastic second trip to a big venue event, which doesn't like people to write about it (aka: Thunder)
* an amusing conversation with a family member about previously mentioned event
* a fast growing friendship with a fellow kinkster, @padmeamidala (from Journey to the Darkside)
* the discovery of an unexpected, complicated, blessing -- aka: kidlettwo
* a great deal of personal growth
* the ability to embrace the things (better put: my kinks and fetishes) which terrify me

i welcome 2013 with high hopes, for the happiness, health and kinky-good-times for all of my kinky friends, associates, and lurking readers. <3


padme amidala said...

Happy New Year, jen!

One of the best parts about 2012 was becoming friends with you! I've really enjoyed all our e-mails and chats and getting to know you. I am really glad we are friends! :)

Biggest and warmest hugs,

The Green Foxx said...

Happy New Year Jen,

May 2013 treat well, I've also enjoyed reading about the things you do, and lifes little surprises.



jenpet said...

@padme: happy new year! i hope that 2013 is a year of great joy and good health for you! i have so loved getting to know you and finding we have so much in common. i desperately wish Canada wasn't so far away! **hugs**

@Fyre: happy new year! i hope that 2013 holds many pleasant surprises for my Foxxy friend! i have enjoyed getting to know you on twitter, and admire your courage as you embrace who you *truly* are. **hugs**

Anonymous said...

wishing you the best this new year