Tuesday, July 14, 2015


I wish I had a kinky story to tell. I'm lusting so hard for something...maybe ropes? Maybe some subtle ouches? I don't know. Maybe soon. Stoopid uterus.

In the meantime, the daily chore list is working really well. Except today. Today got away from me. In part, that's because I was freaked out about getting to an appointment on time, and arrived too dang early. Hopefully I'll be less worried about getting to those things in the future and won't use a whole extra hour I don't need there. Luckily, all that was left really was getting the upstairs vacuumed, and Master will let me just tack that onto tomorrow.

I really wanted to come here and write something...but I don't know what. We don't share much about our kids on here, though one end of me is completely wrapped up in parenting, while the other end is completely wrapped around Master and working hard on doing better and being better property...and then the middle of me is the artist, working hard to accomplish a thing...which I don't really write about here either. My life is ridiculously compartmentalized and sometimes I hate that.

I don't know if anyone who reads here would even be interested in any of my art projects... *sigh* I have my typical traditional style art stuff...and then I have a project I'm working on which I'm hesitating with -- I don't want to publish it under my given name -- but I also am not sure what name I would publish it under.

This is going nowhere and it looks like a <splat> with too many "ands," but I am just going to leave it this way.

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Noba said...

Well if the project is writing maybe you should look up how a writer gets their fake name then just post it online under that name instead.