Wednesday, September 20, 2017

O. Oh. O. No

For a really long time, Master has controlled my orgasms. We have been together, doing WIIWD for about 20 years, and the orgasm control became pretty standard by...the end of year one, maybe. The orgasms belonged to him. 
He's been very generous with them. I beg, he usually says yes. I am super orgasmic, too. The right touch and I can be there in a second.
Over our many years together, we've played with temporary denial. But once I am ramped up, my tolerance for pain is higher, my willingness is greater. 
And this week, I haven't been given permission. 
I am frothing for pain. For more sex (even if he keeps saying no). 
It is only Wednesday.
Master keeps checking with me to ask if I feel connected. 
And I do. I feel loved. I feel like his creature. 
He's said that once this week, he'll say yes. I don't know if that means one orgasm or more that one. I don't know if it/they won't be ruined orgasms. I don't know how long he'll keep me on this path of denial. 
I didn't think to ask. 
I am writhing with need.
Thank goodness for spell check because I can't even spell today.


Noba said...

Sorry to ask but what does WIIWD mean?

Reaperscreature said...


Sorry for the delayed response. WIIWD stands for What It Is We Do.