Monday, September 14, 2009


i stole this from Insatiable Desire. Seemed like it might spur me on to do more blogging...

1 – Who are you and what do you identify as?

i go by jenpet online, and i am my Master's property and slave.

2 – Where did you get your name?

It's simply a matter of convenience for me. i like my name, and i am a pet. In truth, i'm not sure i really have a name. (smirk.)

Master only rarely uses my given name (and usually as a reward) ─ in the last twelve months, i think He has only used my name six or seven times. Generally, He calls me "girl" or "pet" and when we are absolutely alone, "slave" and "property". When He is speaking to others about me, He says "My slave" if they are kink-friendly and "My wife" if they are vanilla.

3 – What drew you to M/s?

There have always been dark fantasies in my head. Master showed me that there was a name for them.

4 – Do you hope to gain anything as a person from M/s? If so, what?

i have gained a lot. i have learned how to to give up my way. (i was a selfish little girl before.) i have learned that i don't have to be perfect to love myself or be worthy of love. There is still a lot for me to learn, though. Like grace even when things are very difficult. Acceptance of things that have to be done (getting better at this one, though still shaky).

5 – What do you hope to gain in your relationship from M/s?

i know that it draws us closer together. Because M/s requires so much communication, Master and i know each other well, and we work together well.

6 – What, for you, is the hardest part of your chosen role? (master or slave)

Grace. Sometimes, i really just don't want to do as i am told. But i have no real choice but to obey, because i already made that choice. It is hard to give up any shred of personal time that might come along because Master wants me to go do something right then and there. But it also helps keep me focused, and i know that.

7 – Do you foresee this being a part of your life forever or do you think it will eventually fade away?

i can't see us any other way than kinked. Maybe it will become more subtle, but i don't think so. Since long-long ago (11 years and counting) i've felt that i belonged to my Master...even before He put a name to what it is we do.

8 – What’s your favorite rule? (M types too!)

Hmm. Favorite? i don't have one. We have several rules, but they are almost normal to me now, though i have been slacking on the high-protocol stuff.

Though i do really love sleeping in the nude, so i'm glad that's a rule. i guess that would be my favorite.

9 – What is more important in an M/s relationship: love, respect, or compatibility? Why do you feel this way?

i think they are all important. But more important, i think is trust. i adore the fact that i love Master, and that He loves me, that we respect each other and that we're pretty darn compatible. But i'm not sure how far love, respect or compatability could take anyone without trust.

10 – How do you feel about limits in your current relationship? What, if any, do you have?

Just to still the safety police, Master and i both agree that children, death and dismemberment are hard limits. Beyond that, i trust Him enough to let Him say when enough is enough.

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