Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Collared. Permanently.

For some time now, years to be certain, I have desired to lock around the neck of my sweet sex servant a permanent collar. A symbol of her objectification and slavery, of course, but one that I personally feel that every slave should wear. A collar that cannot be removed by their own hand or at their own will. Though I would prefer a heavy metal band, locked with a complex lock, resources and need have presented me with a challenge.

The collar needed to be both obvious and subtle. It needed to be secure, firm, the embodiment of my ownership over her. However it also needed to be delicate enough to avoid amateur detection and scrutiny.
We have a choke chain, a throwback to the very early days of her slavery. It is strong, has some weight, but thin enough to be accepted as a piece of neigh inconspicuous jewelery.

It took some work, but I cut through the links holding the rings and fixed them together around my girl's neck. It is tight enough to ensure that it will not slip off, but loose enough to allow other collars to be used during play, for example my favorite thick metal collar.

Thus affixed, my slave is at long last now a permanently collared girl. It is such a pleasure to know that as she sits in her classes, surrounded by her classmates and instructors, she does so as a marked piece of property. A slave amongst the free people, hidden in plain sight. So delicious...

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