Sunday, January 10, 2010

Admitting Wanting

Hi folks! Trying to be semi-regular with our video blogs, so here's our third edition. Master's still trying to come up with a subject for His audio or video (not sure which He'll do yet) so if you have any suggestions, feel free to leave 'em in the comment section, or over on FetLife.

Remember, my video blogs are about how i work, how i think, and how we work...It's not about the general BDSM community, or how folks new to their own dynamics should force their roles into the ones that Master and i share. It's about us.

Please do feel free to leave us comments! You may also watch our videos at the source by going to


Biddable said...

That's funny. You sound exactly like I imagined you would

Hayley Rose said...

WOW...this one hit home big time....that is my #1 issue....i have such a hard time admitting that i like something so i complain during it then i'm sad when its #1 issue..i am so glad someone else has that issue too....thank you so much for this really need to do more of these... :)

jenpet said...

@Biddable: (i cannot believe i did not see your comment! i am so bad at paying attention!) Really? i don't sound anything like i think i sound. lol.

@Hayley Rose: And i still struggle with this. It makes me feel greedy to ask Him for anything, related to kink or something at the store, much like Red_Vinyl_Kitty has written about here:
Maybe someday i'll figure out that asking isn't so bad. (grin)