Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hurts So Good...

Tonight was all about blurring pain with pleasure. Specifically, torturing the cunt's cunt. When the opportunity arose, it was off to the races, rushing to the bedroom to drag out everything I thought I would need. Rope, TKD belts, a bamboo pole, tormenting clothes pins, our new clover clamps, duct tape, vibrators, etc.

I bound her hands to the bed by a length of chain using our cuffs. Then I took the bamboo pole and stretched her wide open, binding her legs by the ankles, then tightening the whole thing with the belts around her thighs. The result? Helplessness. Utter helplessness. I'll post the pictures I managed to get on my Fetlife profile.

So, with a bound and helpless slave, taped gagged and tit bound, it was time to start. A few licks at her engorged clit brought her attention sharply to my intended target. A few gag kisses got her humping the air and moaning. I placed a suction nub on her clit, forcing more blood to her already swollen button, while also isolating it from any of the sensations I intended to subject her to.

Next, I shoved a dildo with a vibrating base into her and fucked her while she squirmed ineffectually. A few clothes pins on her minor labia and the clover clamps on her nips got her really flopping.

The torture continued for some time, about thirty or forty minutes at least, before it was time to give the bitch her first convulsing orgasm. Removing the suction nub, I replaced it with a clothes pin directly upon her throbbing clit. Thus captured, I pressed the vibrating bullet tightly against her button and held on while she shuddered and shook and whimpered like a slut, begging to cum. I allowed it, and the next one, and the one after that. Man, I am too nice... I'll have to look into that in the future.

I digress, she came at least three times from this agony before I let her take a breather. I unbound her legs, pulled the pins from her pussy lips, released her clit, and finally let her entice me with her muffled pleas to fuck her. I flipped her over onto her stomach and took her like the panting mutt she is. But how could I resist the chance to rosie up those sexy round cheeks? So while I fucked her, I slapped some serious color into her ass.

There was a little communication problem, with her gagged I had such a hard time understanding what it was she wanted. I couldn't tell if she was commenting upon the shade of white on our walls or lamenting not buying certain stock options. All that humphing... Well, finally I discovered that she was begging to cum, out of her mind pleading to be a little more accurate. So, being the generous guy I am, I let her. Again. And again. She fell silent after that last one and I discovered that she has passed out.

I never told her she could pass out, so I rolled her lazy ass over and swatted her tits until she managed to come around. Then I continued to fulfill her begging wish. I fucked her harder, slamming into her. She made more noises, more mumbled screams. Finally I had to give her the option to speak, just so I could be sure what it was she was whining about. I tore the duct tape from her face in one pull, eliciting a screech and more than one tear. Now I could hear her, and she was definitely begging to come. Again, I let her. And again after that.

Finally, it was my turn. She begged to cum and I told her, I'd give her one more, but after that, I was going to suffocate her with my hand until she passed out. Then a look came to her face, a look that says both "oh my fucking god, please no!" and "how did he know, please yes!". She begged, I reminded her of her fate, and yet still she begged. I allowed her to cum, shuddering on my cock.

I told her good night, and clamped my hand down over her mouth and nose. Oh how she squeaked and squealed. Her body thrashed against mine, her hips pumping on my cock. Her eyes rolled back into her head, she shuddered, and so did I...


Kara and Jessica said...

Thank you for sharing this scene. It was very intense especially how you ended it. Kara :)

jenpet said...

Ooooh. So that's what happened last night! All i really remember is "ow" and "ooh" and "ow" and a few more "oohs"...

Florida Dom said...

WOW, what a great scene. So intense. How did she feel when it was over? Does she want more in the future? Hope you continue to have them and continue to share them. It sounds like he's taking the relationship to a new level. And also keep making the videos.