Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Video: slave and Sadist out of sync...

So, i was trying to be semi-regular about my videoblog posts, but then i ran into a bunch of bricks... And somehow, i think there's a joke in there about the bricks saying something...but...meh.

Anywho. This rather rambly videoblog is about my likes and dislikes, and how it's okay that Master has likes that i don't like, won't like, and keeps doing. Hope you enjoy my rambles!

(You can also watch this video at blip.tv!)

Oh, as far as the breath play i discussed in the video: you can find blogs about them here, here and here.

And Master is still working on His audio. He's a bit of a perfectionist, you know.

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Kara & Jessica said...

Great Video entry to your blog. When I was with Sarah we use to do a lot of breath play so I know how you feel. Even though I trusted her %100 it still scared the hell out of me sometimes. Unlike with other scenes with breath play your trusting your life with your Master/Mistress. It took me awhile but I ended up adjusting to it and started enjoying it more and more. I focused on my being helpless into something positive. Knowing that I couldn't stop her would turn me on sexually. Give it time and you may begin to enjoy it at some point. Thanks for sharing. I really enjoyed the post.