Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Denial Reminders....

A slave's life is one of privilege. It is a privilege to sit on furniture, to eat off of dinnerware, to use the toilet, to sleep in a bed, etc, not a right. A slave could just as easily live on the floor, eat off the floor, go in the bathtub or a litter box, or sleep on the floor. The same is true of sex. Orgasms are a privilege, a gift given by the Owner because it pleases them, not a right of the slave for the slave's enjoyment. In this way, a slave should be full of gratitude to the Owner, because every meal, every restful night, every restroom break, every orgasm is a privilege, a gift.

However, eventually we all take things for granted. Sometimes a slave needs to be reminded of their place, of the privileges they are granted and why. The other night, we had need of just such a reminder. As of late, our hectic schedules have provided very little time for the two of us to be with each other. This also means that the punishments for infractions have been piling up for a while. When my girl doesn't receive correction for her mistakes for a while, she gets a little wild.

Finally a night came when we had a chance, and I wasted no time in utilizing it. My slave was quickly stripped and chained to the bed, ass up and ready to be punished. Though, when so much time passes between punishments, the pain threshold dips a bit and each cane stroke across her upturned ass jolts her like a lightening strike. Fifteen stripes later, it was time to roll her over and begin with the real lesson.

As I said, a slave owns nothing, has no right to anything, only the privileges it is granted by the Owner. To demonstrate this, I secured a belt, tightened to the extreme, around jenpet's waist With the belt squeezing down so tightly upon her abdominal muscles, it prevented her from being able to reach orgasm. No matter how long or hard I fucked her, she could not cum. Instead she lay there, hands and collar chained to the bed, waist compressed, legs widely spread, being tortured with constant stimulation and endless denial.

For over an hour I fucked her like this, unable to cum, unable to escape. I asked her again and again, what are you?
"slave, property, object..." she would groan Agonized, she begged me to cum, pleading pitifully. I asked her,
"Why do I let you cum? Is it for your pleasure?"
"No, Master," she would pant, "for you... for your pleasure."
"Does it matter if you get to cum?"
"No Master."
"So I shouldn't let you cum?" I asked.
She groaned. "What ever pleases you, Master."

Finally, satisfied that she had learned her lesson, I released the belt. Instantly, she convulsed and began begging loudly and piteously to cum for me.
I asked her, "What begs?"
"slave begs..."
"It begs?" I asked.
"it begs, Master..."
"For what?"
"it begs for permission, Master... it begs for permission to cum..."
"For what reason?"
"For your pleasure, Master"
Thus, I allowed her to, ordering her to cum all over my cock. Shuddering and screaming, she obeyed. I elicited three more orgasms from my girl before we both collapsed into a sweaty mass on the bed.

Lesson learned... at least until the next reminder...

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