Saturday, September 25, 2010


Ah, a moment to breathe.

And i mean that in a very literal sense -- Master loves his breath play. And if it's His hands, i love it too.

There's been lots of talk about confinement, caging and shelving out and about on the kinky web this week. At least it seems like it. And i always wonder what it might be like somewhat longer term. Master and i have a cage, which we purchased from Petsmart for, as Master told the cashier, a very large, bad dog. i've slept in it over night a time or two, spent several hours of my day in it...

But i think eight hours is pretty much where my time in it has been topped out. And on one hand, i am relieved. Being caged for more than a few hours definitely kinks up my muscles, causing me to feel like i am still caged even after Master has let me out. On the other, how much more agonizing might it be if it was ten hours? How about 12? Or 24? Or (gods help me) 72? How could i "disappear" for that long?

Unfortunately, neither Master or i have the time to do that. And we're extremely possessive of each other, of the rare moments where we can exist without the pressures of our lives, the moments where Master and slave are just that, not Master/daddy/writer/son/brother/worker and slave/mommy/daughter/sister/student... So justifying time where i've been "put away" when i could be doing any other slavish thing under the sun is not easy for us.

But the idea is hot. Like, "hawt" hot.

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Kara & Jessica said...

Great post!!! I haven't done cage play in awhile but I've always enjoyed it. My Ex (Sarah) also bought one from a pet store that she would often put me in overnight. It even had a removable (bathroom) tray on the bottom the could slide out while the person/pet was still in it. I've never used the cage with Kara but I still have it in storage. Night be time to break it out again so I can remember what it's like to be locked inside :)