Wednesday, September 15, 2010

We're Back!

Well, we've made it back onto the wide world of the internet. Woot! What a hiatus... And what a time to be back on. Work schedules and school schedules and life with a two going on thirty year old.Its a wonder we get any sex at all.

Some really nice things have happened recently though. We just celebrated our tenth year anniversary, a mile stone to be sure. We've settled quite nicely into our new place. It feels just like an old home, very nice. It is truly nice not to have people on all sides of us any more. We have this nice big yard, truly lovely. The only real down sides to it are that is wide open, so no out door fun just yet, and the freakin' bugs. We have been battling an infestation of mosquitoes, flies, and now yellow jackets. Not to mention the million or so spiders we have running around. Crazy!

Some things to look forward to, though. We have a nice big bath tub that we have yet to break in, wink wink. There is a ton of lumber in the back yard and I have laid out plans for a customizable, adaptable bondage chair that I might one day have the time to put together. I have finally finished both sets of the stocks, very nice. There are a number of photo sets that I have in mind, some of my lovely slave in the previously mentioned stocks, one with her cow girl hat, etc.

At some point I would love to section of a part of our yard from view and do some outdoor play. I can already see my girl cowering at the very thought.

Despite all the changes, things have kind of gotten back to normal. That being very little time for ourselves and a great many distractions to overcome. I've taken to writing at least semi regularly again and am approaching a complete work, something that always seems to elude me. Hard to finish anything if you're always rushing off to the next big idea.

jenpet is hard at work, taking up the slack for her project partners and maintaining an impressive homework load. And our little boy continues to be... well a little boy. If he's not destroying something valuable or rotting his brain on video games, and by extension my brain as he forcibly hands the controller off every fifteen minuets because he's "tuck", then it must be one of the rare fifteen minutes that he's asleep and we're off making the most of it until we hear crying, that's not jenpet's at any rate.

So dear friends of the kinky web, we are back and looking forward to sharing with all of you those precious moments and life lessons. Until next time, naughty wishes to you all...

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