Wednesday, September 29, 2010

i miss...

In between all the other stuff that needs doing, i surf the web (now that we have it again!). Mostly i bounce around FetLife and kinky blogs, and this week has been interesting to watch the shifts.

When Master and i started out, we couldn't attend the various Fet/BDSM clubs. But the minute we could, we were right there. Our first event/play party was actually in October of 2000. Ten years ago. And it was awesome. Bigger spaces, more three-dimensional play, people to interact with, compare notes with, become friends with. Our kinky interactions were pretty important to us, and we made some serious efforts to get to as many as we could.

And then, i got the brilliant idea to take a job far, far away from those kinky interactions that were so much a part of our lives. On one hand, we did things then that we never would have had the opportunity to do if we had stayed near the kinky stuff. We wouldn't have made the awesome friends that we did.

But today, i realize how much i miss going to kinky events where i didn't have to hide in the shell of "normal," i miss people remarking on the chemistry and dynamic that Master and i have. i miss seeing braver subs/slaves than i, watching those uber intense scenes between other people. i miss the diversity of the kinky community we were once a part of. i miss having kinky friends who understood.

This house we're in now. It's still awesome. But it is still very, very far away from any sort of public scene. It is very far away from lots of like minded folks.

And reading all the talk about stuff like Kinky Camping (not quite my type of scene, btw., i don't think i like camping anymore), or Kinky College, or finding out what is going on any particular week for a kinky club, makes me miss what Master and i had in the early days.

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