Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Teh Ebils ov teh Intarwebz

Warning: This is a girlie rant.
Not having internet for so long was an interesting experience. And having internet again is just as interesting. i forgot how persnickity the online community can be, i forgot how much people can get wrapped up in their own rules and rituals and when people who are unfamiliar with them might miss one little thing, they come unglued.
Where's the community in that?
Where's the line between "I want to meet new people" and "you're a fucktard for sending me a message?" Why are those two statements so often intertwined?
Why can't we treat each other with some amount of courtesy?
i don't approve random friend requests on any social networking sites. Master and i talk about who i'm going to add and why they want to be added. If people don't send me a message about who they are and why they're interested in being friends, generally, i don't add them as friends -- but that doesn't mean that i don't spend some time engaging in conversation with them. If they send me a polite message, i generally make an effort to be polite in exchange for their politeness.
When did it start to matter what public community we were involved in?
When did that become a sign of knowledge?
When did that become a symbol of "honor?"
How can honor be questioned at all when you don't know someone from Adam?
Do people think that ten years is nothing?
Do they think that i would blindly choose someone without honor to be my Owner?
i don't know -- it all seems so arbitrary. We ask people to accept us as we are, let us be who we are, with the interests we all have, but we automatically attack someone for not doing things our way, the "right" way.
Ethnocentrism at its finest.
girlie rant over....


Biddable said...

Do they think that i would blindly choose someone with no honor to be my Owner?

So many people HAVE chosen awful "Owners" because they were thinking with their cunts and cocks that yeah, they probably think it's a natural thing to do. I see it as a case of "I'm too stupid to stop playing with fire, so you're a fucking moron".

It's great to have you back! Are you enjoying the new place? We just pulled a long-distance move off a few weeks ago.

Anonymous said...

Yeah... that's why I rarely log into Fet anymore. Glad you're back! Hope we get a chance to chat, soon! :)

jenpet said...

@ Biddable: good point. Thankfully, i'm not one of those, regardless of what some people might think.

We are loving our new place. It's absolutely grand...though we still haven't had a chance to "break in" the tub yet, even though it's deeper than our old one... heheh.

@ Rayne: another good point.

Master and i are both glad to be back on the net, though Master is thinking about discontinuing His blogging (help me convince Him otherwise!!). There was a *lot* of porn to download when we finally got back on.

i am also looking forward to a chat sometimes soon!!