Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Fun with Friends...

As you know, we moved recently to an area where things are a bit better for us. That includes the chance to be closer to friends who share our proclivities. Last night we had two of our good friends over for a chance to play. It was more of an impromptu thing, but we all had a great time.

Our friends, I'll refer to them as M&m (who are not a couple I should specify), have been over before at our old place for an impromptu rope bondage demonstration. I had the pleasure of binding m in a couple of different harnesses on that occasion. Since then I have been looking forward to a chance to do so again. 

M&m have been over several times since we moved in, yet an opportunity hasn't presented itself, until last night. M came over first and I continued my monolog on our time at the big event this passed weekend from the night before. While discussing, I placed the pink ribbon back around the girl's neck and allowed her to lay on the floor drawing and conversing while occasionally commenting upon how cute she looked. It was delightful to watch the effect it had on her, a tremble in her breathing, her down cast eyes, and the shifting in her hips. 

As I finished the retelling of our epic weekend, I then had the girl lay at my feet so I could demonstrate the locations and effects of utilizing pressure points. It is always fun to watch the bitch moan and react. I invited M to try them for himself, working the girl over and getting a trill out of her reactions as well. Shortly there after m came over as well and joined in our fun. I was quite proud of my girl as she willingly offered herself up once more as I again demonstrated the effects of pressure points to m

In my single mindedness and partly for comedic value, I kept offering to demonstrate them on m or indeed to do many other "evil things." Eventually she felt comfortable enough to try a few things. m is not really a masochist. Instead she enjoys bondage and particularly mental control. To start, I gently worked her through situational negotiation, offering up suggestions and gauging her responses. We talked about her expectations and what she hoped to experience. m is in a relationship with someone and as such has certain boundaries dealing with her sexuality that must be respected.

Having a plan in mind, I sat on the floor next to her and we talked a bit about this or that. I directed the conversation, touching her here or there as we spoke. Finally I had her stare at an object across the room, ordering her not to look away while I attended to other business of checking on the girl who was ready to be put to bed and catching up with M for a moment while he smoked on our deck. Relishing making her wait while I passed around her, checking to see if she were peeking this way or that. m was a very good girl and kept her eyes locked on her target. 

Then I sat in front of her, making her lock her eyes onto me while I asked her questions about how that initial experience made her feel. We had a great, deep conversation about her internal motivations and desires. I had a fantastic time playing with her, reading her reactions and tics. It took me a moment to decide what to do to her next that would be a challenge without pushing too far too fast. So I ordered her to assume the plank position used for push ups, again keeping her eyes locked onto mine. I watched her begin straining to maintain the position, the inward battle to obey yet remain in personal control. Finally I allowed her to relax in a kneeling position on all fours while we talked about her desire to usurp control while appearing to be obedient. It is an aspect of disassociation, mentally checking out to distract or avoid the discomfort of a situation. 

I corrected her on this behavior, letting her know I was well aware of what she was doing. Then we tried again. I had her hold her arm out in front of her with her palm open and into this I placed my computer mouse. I told m to hold it completely still and not to let it drop even a little while maintaining eye contact with me. Watching her eyes, I could see the moments when she would try to pull away and comment, bringing her back to her assignment. This continued for a while and m impressed me with how well she was working through this lesson.

Eventually it was time to break out the ropes. m was asked what kind of tie she would like to experience and she said that she wanted something that held her arms out and went around the neck. No problem! I brought down one of my 5' bamboo poles and got started. M favored us with a bit of his guitar skills, which are considerable, while I bound m. M also took my camera and snapped some photos while I worked my magic. Once m was completely bound we sat back to watch her as we chatted. I noticed that her back was sagging as time went on, though she found it more comfortable to remain upright. So, being a nice guy, I offered to help her with her posture. m knew I was baiting her, but she agreed. 

I took another length of rope and had her kneel up while I tied a crotch rope on her, bringing the tails up behind her. I wrapped the lengths around the pole, pulling her back up straight. The pressure on her throat was lovely, but too much for her to be comfortable, so I instead brought the tails around her shoulders and bound tightly in the back. It offered as much posture control with more comfort. I was going to finish the tie by making a lovely knot in the back, however m offered to have her breasts bound as part of the tie. How could I refuse? I brought the tails up under her breasts and crisscrossed them in her cleavage and finished the tie by knotting them to the loops around her shoulders. 

Thus secured, her posture was much improved, at the discomfort of her parts. A few more photos, and M and I sat back to watch her growing discomfort and chat a bit. It was fun to watch for a time, but as with all good things, it had to come to an end. I unbound her and began cleaning up my equipment when we discovered what time it was. Being extremely late, both M&m had to head back home. And thus ends what I am considering the bonus round to our awesome weekend. Keep a lookout for those pictures of m on my Fetlife account if she consents to have them posted this week. Ciao...

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