Monday, July 16, 2012

Pink Ribbon of Doom!...

Well, I had intended to discuss a number of fun things we experienced this passed weekend. However, it would seem that doing so might bring us to financial ruin. Alas. I do want to say we had an awesome time!

So instead, I'll talk about our return home last night. I spent some time unpacking the heavy load of toys and implements I had brought with me. Last year we had quite the surplus of spending cash for the shops, though this year we were drastically limited due to the recent move. However we did have a little cash to spend and found few things I just couldn't live without.

While unpacking, I came across this 1.5" thick strip of pink ribbon that I have had for years but never really utilized. I stuffed it into my pocket and finished returning my toys to their home. We live quite close to a good friend or ours and I knew that he was going to come over for a brief visit to discuss the weekend. In fact, he arrived before I had completed unpacking and I allowed the girl to mooch a cigarette from him while I finished (remind me to explain the girl's restriction on smoking at some point).

When I came down stairs, I had the girl kneel next to me while chatting a bit with our friend. I told her to close her eyes, always a nerve wracking command for her. The cheating bitch always peeks! I digress, she was afraid that I was about to use our new stun gun on her, one of my much needed purchases, and I allowed the terror to build for a moment as our friend chuckled. Then I reached up and tied the pink ribbon around her neck with a pretty bow and allowed her to sit back while we talked. 

Oh the effect such a simple humiliation has on the girl. Instantly she was a bit cowed and you could see the change in her posture, but she smiled and carried on conversing. I regaled our visitor with our weekend for a time while our child ran around excited to be home and the girl stretched out on the floor, pretty pink bow tied securely in place. Eventually I realized our kiddo had disappeared upstairs and I sent the girl to check on him and told her to return right after. 

I could hear the both of them running about up stairs fussing at each other while we talked. However, a while later the kiddo returned down stairs but she did not. I excused myself for a moment to go and investigate. I found the girl stretched out on the hallway floor upstairs, though I hadn't heard any thumping as though she had fallen or fainted. Concerned, I asked her if she were okay, if she were ill or dizzy. The girl shook her head and instead told me that the ribbon had become too much to deal with, that it was too hard to return down stairs and face our friend wearing it. I laughed, but offered to remove it. 

What a wonderful humiliation tool and safe to use around the kiddo! And such a simple, effortless torment that builds and builds as time passes without any physical effects. I have to kick myself for not using it more regularly or indeed as anything more than a threat in the past. Now that little strip of pink fabric has found a home in the top drawer of my toy space. It is hilarious to think that that little ribbon has the same fear effect now as threatening the girl with the stun gun or the Tazapper. Delightful!...

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Sin V said...

This post made me smile. I hope someday to share the sort of marriage you have with a special someone.