Thursday, February 26, 2009


Bouncing around the blogsphere lately, i've come to see that regardless of the difficulties that Master and i have faced in the last year ─ we're pretty fortunate.

Yes, i've had some issues settling in and allowing my role to be defined by the rules that Master and i have agreed to. Yes, i've had some health issues that have mucked up our interactions. Yes, Master has had His own frustrations regarding the way that things have been working.


We've been together as a couple for 11 years, we're coming up on ten years as a D/s transitioned to M/s relationship, and this year will be our ninth year of marriage.

And i still see our commitment to each other growing stronger, and no matter how hard the redefinition of our roles and rules has been and might be, both of us need that M/s interaction, we both crave it, it's something essensial to our personal idenities. We aren't done growing, we aren't done changing, but we move and grow together to accept the changes we see in each other.

In all the reading i have done on the internet, of others personal BDSM relationships, i have seen several relationships fall apart because the growth of each individual isn't accepted, roles and rules are not redefined, and while they may still love each other, they cannot reconcile the growth with the style of relationship that they shared.

While i understand that not all relationships are salvageable, i am recognizing my own fortune, and expressing my own grattitude that Master and i are willing to work together, to grow together and build upon our dynamic and the rules we have created.

And no matter what else happens, i am grateful for what i share with Master.

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Masterofslavej said...

I am equally grateful for you, my sweet cherished little slave pet, always...