Monday, March 23, 2009

Developing Plans...

Recently I have been toying with the notion of a POW scene. I own a pair of old style military BDU's for my slave that we use for paintball matches and she has been wearing them recently which spurred the notion.

In essence, it is the standard military captive scene. Lots of disorientation, abuse, shouting, torture techniques, and rape. I am really enamored with the idea, but my only concern is the length of the scene given the small amounts of time that we manage to get to play any more. I have toyed with the notion of doing it all in segments, treating it more like a movie shoot. Though this would be fun and a great home movie, I like the idea of it being one long scene.

I am not a fan of the rather cliched terrorist or middle eastern idea, and considering that I speak a little Russian, I was planning to run with a former Eastern breakaway Republic having taken an American service woman prisoner. As for techniques I am planning to use sensory deprivation (primarily visual but auditory as well), caning, electrical stimulation, water boarding and dunking, choking, orgasm denial, knives, and maybe some hot/cold stimulation.

I plan to treat her as every bit of the helpless enemy combatant that she will be, giving no quarter or showing no mercy. Of course this all depends upon the neighbors in our apartment complex no calling the police and our child not waking up at any point. That whole video segments thing is looking better.

As a side note, I am currently trying to construct a set of stocks from an old bed frame that my slave had dragged home one day from out by the dumpsters. Apparently one of our neighbors had decided to get rid of it, and as the unofficial practice of our ( and most our past) apartment complex, placed it next to the dumpster for anyone who would possibly have need of it. I was delighted that my slave had brought home a pervertable such as this and immediately informed her of my plans to make a matching pair of stocks from it. A notion that apparently she had not considered, as she cursed and ran away.

I have the measurements all marked out, all the metal components laid out and ready, and sand paper standing by. The only thing that I am missing is a capable saw. Just recently I purchased a nice Black and Decker jig saw, however living in an apartment, there is just no place to use it. I tried (and please don't laugh too much) cutting the hand and neck holes into the board in the bathroom, using the bath tub as a collector for the saw dust. However, given the noise, vibration, and enclosed space, this was not a viable option. What I really need is a coping saw, which I hope to attain in the morning.

I have been sitting on this project now for about a month and have made no real progress, the estimated time for the completion of this project is about thirty minutes to an hour. Feels like a lot of things have been going that way recently. Ever have one of those days?

At any rate, for those of you who love our photos, be on the look out in the next week or so for some awesome updates. Also, check back for a detailed description of the completed set of stocks and the military POW scene...

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