Saturday, March 7, 2009

Some Protocols of a slave...

I've been thinking recently about the protocols that I have for my slave and the fact that I don't believe I've mentioned more than a handful here. Given that this Blog is about Roles Defining Rules, it would only be fair to mention a few.

she has been by collared property for a decade now and in that time many of the rules I've established have changed. Our dynamic is ever changing (hence the blog's name) and it is that flexibility, I believe, that allows us to overcome the challenges and obstacles that come our way. However there are three rules, a creed, that endure. My slave has mentioned them previously: Obey, Serve, and Please. Sort of our Trinity Principle.

Being an owned slave, she has no rights. she is property and I regularly remind her of this. I enforce my ownership over specific parts of her to keep her mindful of her place. For instance; her breath belongs to me and I'll deny her air at a whim and her lovely and creative brain belongs to me, the thoughts and opinions she has are mine to twist and shape as I wish.

One of my rules is that she must beg my permission before engaging in any activity. For example, my permission must be given before she will be allowed to eat, sleep, use the restroom, crawl into my bed, leave my presence (and she must back out of the room once she is allowed to leave and crawl on hands and knees upon returning), use any piece of furniture (save for the chair at her computer - long story), and so on.

I control her speech through a number of protocols that I enforce strongly: she must be respectful, she must use pleasing tones, she is never allowed to argue, she is never allowed to say "no" lest it be to answer a direct question, and there are a number of words that she is not allowed to use period. For example the word "yeah" has been stricken from her vocabulary and carries the penalty of five push-ups for every slip. I swear, my slave will have shoulders and arms like Arnie if she does not stop using it soon. I can deny her speech entirely and leave her yipping, whimpering and panting to express herself, and I might add that it is a great deal of fun for me.

I control her body through a number of exercises and protocols to keep her fit, flexible, and ready. Yoga, belly dancing, martial arts, all of which help to focus her mind and center her body. (Admittedly, due to the winter and our child, this has fallen to the wayside more than I would like to see, but with spring coming I'll be enforcing this more strictly.) I also control her body through a number of positions that she is expected to know and execute correctly. For example, "dog" places her upon all fours, back arched, head and ass up. "Stand" places her on her feet, shoulder width apart, hands clasped at the small of her back, eyes straight forward. These are just a few examples of her current repertoire and I intend to expand this to include a greater number of positions in the near future.

I control features of her body by deciding what she will wear, her hair style and color, shaving, hygiene, etc. I don't use this to the extent I would like due to the area in which we reside, that is to say a rather repressed community. I am looking for a collar that I like that would be acceptable in public and I have seen several that might do the trick. We have also been designing a symbol that I will have tattooed upon her, marking her as my property. Given that we are in our tenth year, I would like to settle upon one that we can have placed upon her for our anniversary. This is more difficult than it may sound as I am a very critical person and the idea of a permanent mark that will forever symbolize my ownership places a great deal of importance on getting just the right symbol. I like the idea of a bar code, specifically the one attached to her SLRN, however this has become somewhat cliche these days.

At home, she is expected to be naked and collared at all times. However, with our child this has been pushed to after hours when she is to strip down and bring me her collar. (Even after all these years it is still such a giddy joy for me to have her naked and at my feet.) When retrieving anything for me she is to crawl to me with the object in her teeth like a dog (provided it is small and light of course, could you imagine anyone dragging say a chair or a full tool box in their teeth? Then again...) and kneel at my feet awaiting my recognition to offer it to my outstretched hand.

As for sex, I suppose it would go without saying that I control her very strictly here. I make her beg to be fucked like a little whore, wagging her ass in the air and whimpering. she is to beg for every orgasm and await permission
before she may slip over that edge into the shuddering throws of ecstasy (what a fun game to give her a time limit of say fifteen minutes before I'll allow her to). I control her orgasms so completely that I will regularly force her to cum on command throughout the day, while driving, focusing on a project, speaking on the phone, etc. So much fun. In addition, I regularly take her at a moment's notice during the day, inspecting her each time to ensure that she is wet and ready like a good slave should be.

I assign her writing assignments, art projects, blog topics; all to keep her mind focused upon her slavery, her place. I control her online activities (though allow her a large amount of autonomy given it is her only real outlet out here) including whom she may befriend on Fetlife, groups she may join, etc.

Well, there you are, a somewhat general listing of the rules, protocols, expectations, and controls that I have for my sweet little slave. As we continue to grow together, face new and interesting challenges, and further explore her enslavement these rules will no doubt change and grow with us. Thats the benefit of Roles Defining Rules...


trinity-pup said...

It gives great insight to your relationship together - thank you for sharing this :-)

t. x

Masterofslavej said...

You're very welcome...

Brandon said...

For my personal tastes there's a bit much control here, by which I mean more than I'd want to handle. But then, it's not my relationship. As usual it is, however, inspiring and enlightening.