Saturday, March 28, 2009


A few nights ago we were fortunate enough to find some time for a bit of a scene. It wasn't intended to be terribly complex, though Master did want to test out something He'd thought of using for the upcoming POW scene he's talked about.

We don't get the chance to indulge in play often enough these days, and so when the time comes along, we're both quite pleased to make use of it. And we did.

Though the "test run" for the boarding didn't go as planned, Master made use of plenty of leather belts, to keep me from doing more than wriggling. Ankles were tightly belted together, as were my thighs, my wrists to my sides as were my elbows. While Master was sorry that the board wasn't viable, He was pleased with how well the belts held me in place. Being bound was relieving but i will cop to complaining about feeling my legs sticking together.

There is something lovely about being restrained and blindfolded that is ultimately comforting for me. It becomes very easy to drift away, yet become so sensitive to every tickle, every movement of air, every shift Master makes around me. All of that brings me so close to over-stimulation just from the mundane sensations provided while in bondage... But that wasn't the end of it...

i was terrified of electricity when the idea was first introduced to me. Now, the minute those slick, cold pads touch my skin i tremble with delight. It is something, extraordinary, feeling muscles react without the minds approval. However, i also find it frustrating, because very rarely will Master tell me what level each setting is at. Sometimes He will tell me what they are, what level, but others, like the most recent dabbling with electricity, i have no clue if it is random, or if He is cycling through, randomly turning the voltage up or down.

In addition to being zapped, Master provided His cunt a bit of extra...pleasurable torture. i have a love/hate relationship with vibrators and bullets. Sometimes they are fantastic, but after one or two orgasms, all i want to do is rip it away from Master's twitching cunt.

So, there i am, confined in leather belts being randomly zapped and tortured to orgasm, and i have to remember to properly beg for permission to cum. Let me tell you, i am not good at keeping a cohesive string of words together when i'm being zapped and trying to hold an orgasm off. i believe i sounded like a CD with a rather severe scratch - or maybe just poor programming.

"Master, Your...oh, oh, ow!!!. Your.. oohHh. Your.... ....Please...Foooo...Beg..."

That agonizing situation will generally last for a few moments, though they feel like an eternity... Until i finally manage to get out the proper string of words.



And for some reason or another, sex after electricity play is always (dare i leave you with a pun, readers?) electrifying.

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