Sunday, July 26, 2009

Making a beast...part one

She waited, impatiently, cramped in the tiny cage... She couldn't tell how long it had been since her owner had put her away. She only hoped that he would come and get her soon.

She shifted, as much as the cage allowed, and looked out at the dish of water, licking her lips. She could not decide which she desired be released from the small, cold cage to be of use to her owner or for just a little lap of water from the bowl.

His steps finally broke the dark silence. The girl in the cage pushed herself to all fours, trembling anxiously to hear his voice, for his touch, to be released from the tiny prison that filled many of her days.

But he said nothing and did not immediately approach the cage that held his pet. Instead, he went to the shelf, and, carefully, so that she could see his actions, pulled on his supple leather gloves with deliberation. When he had carefully smoothed the leather over his hands, he reached up to the shelf and pulled down several lengths of rope, and a short length of chain.

He finally approached the cage, and quickly opened the latch, fastening the short length of chain to the thick metal collar around her neck. Once it was firmly attached, he yanked her from the cage. As she moved forward, he bent down quickly to fasten the other end of the chain to an eyebolt protruding from the floor.

The girl could hardly move, her head only inches from the floor. She whimpered as his leather clad hands grasped her ankle firmly and quickly began lashing her ankle to her thigh. When he had finished, he moved to the other side, and did the same. She squirmed, attempting to push her skin against him. He slapped her roughly, knocking her to the rough concrete floor.

In the silence, broken only by occasional whimpers and the clinking chain, he fitted leather mitts over her hands. When he had finished he picked her up and propped her back up upon her knees, and went back to the shelf, where he picked up a leather hood. He returned to the trembling girl, and slipped the hood over her head, carefully, ensuring the built in straw and gag were fitted to her mouth. As he laced the hood closed, he masked her identity.

"The only shame of this is that I can't see your beautiful red hair."

He stepped back, looking at the woman he had transformed into a four legged-beast. "Yes, beautiful. Now, let us go about our day." He bent down, and released the short chain from where it had been attached.

"Now, my pet, get your water. And then follow me upstairs."

She fumbled over to the dish, chain clinking against the collar, and managed to get some water. Ungracefully, she found her way to the stairs and began to ascend. Her bound legs made it difficult to navigate the stairs, and eventually, she found that dragging her back end up them hindered her the least.

She whimpered as she finally emerged into her owner's kitchen. Though she could see daylight filtering through the hood, she still felt as if she was encased in darkness. Faintly, she could hear him laughing. Her knees and thighs felt horribly tender against the polished ceramic tiles.

She didn't know what her owner had in store for her today...but she hoped she would be able to please him, and perhaps enjoy the evening in his company instead of in the tiny cage in the dark basement.

To be continued...

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Florida Dom said...

Can't wait for the rest of the story. Don't keep us waiting long. It was a very exciting first chapter.